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  1. guys if you want some ass you better read this!

    Liz what are you doing ??? Stealing Mikes posts lol What the fuck is that ??
  2. Anyone know Leanna Mcullumb

    I hope I spelled her last name right, but anyways, the way you see it is how it is pronounced. She is a singer, from Orlando Florida. I met her out one night, at Tabu. I havent seen her since. We went back to her place and partied a little bit. Then lost touch. Anyone know of this girl??? Please if you do, let me know ok.
  3. Hey everyone

  4. Hey everyone

    Yeah I dont care. You guys lost me as a friend. Seriously. If you dont even know me, why do shit like this to someone who could be your friend??? I will gladly go to Rumi's. I dont care. Its my favorite joint anyways. I will sit there with my drink, by myself and relax. I dont care. I really dont. If this how it is , then fine. Thank god I never went any further with effort to find out who you guys really are. Cause you proved it to me. Dont open your mouth so quickly next time, you may keep a good friend if your lucky then.
  5. Hey everyone

    Ok Fuckers. Fuck you! Seriously. Whatever dudes. Im out. I wanted to be your guys friends. But obviously you have something against me that you have to make shit that doesnt make any sense whatsoever. So Fuck you. Ban me from this board. I dont care. This is bullshit. You guys really missed out on someone who is a good person and can be a good friend to you.
  6. Hey everyone

    What I dont understand though, is I dont know any of you. Im the new guy. Ok Ok I get it , Freshman Hazing . I see. Ok well still, why would you really knock someone who is new and hasnt done anything to any of you??? Seriously, I would like to get to know you guys when I settle in. You guys sound fun. But when you make stupid insults that dont make any sense , thats bullshit. Now If I was friends with you guys, that would be a different story. But Im not. So please, play nice, and I will too.
  7. Hey everyone

    Post your picture please. Thats what I thought.
  8. Hey everyone

    Im really ugly??? LOL ok buddy. Make a comment that makes sense.
  9. Hey everyone

    Hey guys seriously, make a comment that makes sense. Seriously the adding of the bullshit is very immature. It makes you look like 5th graders. You actually take the time to use photoshop on me?? Wow, its amazing what people have to do to make me look bad.
  10. Hey everyone

    Yeah im so nasty, Give me a fucking break.
  11. Hey everyone

    Its amazing what people have to do to make me look bad. I mean , exageratte my forehead and give me a unibrow. Very funny , really it is. Im nasty?? Ok and Ricky Martin is too right?? Yeah ok .
  12. Hey everyone

    Hey baby, keep it coming, I like that, keep it coming ! Hey I dont wax my back. But I do wax my sack, and you can suck it anytime, and wax it for me.
  13. Hey everyone

    LOL ok you got me. To tell you.......... Fuck you. Im glad Im here. See you around. And you can wax my ass anytime you want bitch.
  14. Hey everyone

    If you were intelligent at all, It is Stevie R, not stevier. Are you fucking retarded. Hey eveyone , retard in the house! Anyways um I dont have a unibrow bitch. And Im on the left just for your info since your so fucking stupid cunt.
  15. Hey everyone

    I know, Jeez Im not that stupid. I do the same to others, and may I should keep that shirt buttoned, that may do me good lol Im such a queer lol Oh and my lovers name is bubba lol