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  1. da Lizard Man

    I haven't heard that myself, but he has tour dates set through to Ibiza so... I kind of doubt it. He just loves what he does too much.
  2. I did. Did anyone else have a Horrible time getting in? Did anyone see a list? Tell me what you thought.
  3. POLL: What was the best year (musically)?

    oh wow!! let me know, let me know.
  4. POLL: What was the best year (musically)?

    Well, well, well. Its Charles. Where are you in the states these days? drop me a line. I need my charles convo fix! Jeanine
  5. WMC over, which acts you want back in town?

    You know it!
  6. WMC over, which acts you want back in town?

  7. Maurro Picotto at Privilege: 03/11/04

    lmao. I'll work on being more subtle for next time. Or will I?
  8. Maurro Picotto at Privilege: 03/11/04

    me mauro
  9. Who went to the Clevelander on Sunday?

    Its true that the talent was awesome and I had a fun time once I got in. But whoever was working the front door when I got there at around 4:30pm had zero professional standards. He let my friends in and wouldn't let me in, then his partner decided to combine the lines at the front and so she made me go all the way to the back of the line. My friends came back and were like "what are you doing?" I told them they wouldn't let me in. I waited forever, then she sent me to the other side where she said the list was, which I didn't see. Then the doorman questioned the legitimacy of my I.D., which I was shocked at since they weren't even checking I.D's on the other side, then they gave me a stamp, which none of my friends had... I am glad to hear that not everyone had the same experience as me. Thanks for letting me vent.
  10. DJ Dan and Donald Glaude

    Nevermind, I just saw another post regarding the same thing.
  11. DJ Dan and Donald Glaude

    Donald is gonna be at State tonight as in thursday or friday?
  12. Klienenberg @ Space Terrace

    Oh is that what happened? I just remember mobs of ppl trying to get up there and being crushed in the doorway at the bottom of the staircase. This guy was like "are u gonna be okay?"
  13. Privilege WMC Review "The Little Club that Could"

    Its true. I had a great time there on tuesday. You could tell the people that were there were there to listen to great music. Unlike some of the events. Can't wait for saturday.
  14. Dj Tiesto

  15. Whats ur WMC shedule!?!??!!?

    Fri: Hope/420 & PVD @ Space Sat: Carl [email protected] Sun: ********* & Space Mon: Tronic Treatment Tues: Bluebookings & Space Sat: Mauro Picotto
  16. tronic party...

  17. Mauro Picotto and Danilo Vigorito

  18. Mauro Picotto and Danilo Vigorito

    OMFG!!!!!! :eek:
  19. club annoyance rant

  20. Hernan Cataneo @ Space Review

    I had soo much fun last nite!! The music was great. The people weren't that rude, which is always a plus. I don't have any "shoutouts" ....but I wanted to add my $.02.
  21. Picotto...???...

    yeah, i think he's in australia for wmc. Is that right Ronin?
  22. cuban radio personality-pervert!!!

    My friend went in there to go to the bathroom and he came out and I said, "that was fast" and he's like "theres a guy like milling around in there"... And now it all makes sense.
  23. -= Wmc Parties Master List!!!! =-

    I hate for you to have to do all this work. I made a really really super crappy website for me and my friends to keep track of stuff. Its pretty thorough. You are more than welcome to copy and paste whatever you want to here. I don't have it organized by club though, like you are doing. Its organized by date. Let me know if u are interested.