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  1. 90's trends

    Throughout most of the 90's I wore clothes from the 70's and 80's! I invaded EVERY vintage shop around town. I also wore plaid dresses with solid color tights and very high platform mary janes...or band tshirts like the cure, porno for pyros, morrissey, peter murphy, tones on tail, and christian death with a pair of bootleg or bellbottom corduroys. To go out at night, we would wear renaissance gowns that looked like something out of romeo and juliet or the other extreme... all leather. The preppy people would always tell us we were a bunch of "freaks." This was of course before Marilyn Manson... then dressing like that just wasnt a fashion statement anymore, the "look" went commercial (as I like to say) and everyone really DID start dressing like a bunch of freaks...
  2. favorite eyeshadows

    YSL is excellent for our fashion shows bc of its high pigmentation. The color is bolder and stays on longer. Chanel is one that my makeup artists LOVE to use because it is really easy to blend they say. Personally, I use YSL to go out at night or for occassions that may not allow much time for touch-ups. I use Aveda and Mac if its for daily use. 'Love, Caro' is a new line that I also use. Actually it's my favorite in the entire world but I'm biased bc my sister is Caro! ( Hope you remember I said that when my bday comes around! j/k. )
  3. Best fashion ad

    That ad is so funny! There are probably people out there that would do that...
  4. Fridays at SONAR

    Sonar is a great place to party. Good music and no shade. I recommend it.
  5. Visiting Chicago soon... Suggestions?

    There is a Crobar here in Miami and it's really good. I go there a lot. It would be really cool to go see "The Original" in Chicago!
  6. Visiting Chicago soon... Suggestions?

    Thanks for the info dmbootylicious!
  7. Hi CPers I live in Miami and will be visiting Chicago soon. Any suggestions on what to do and see (tourist stuff). What are the nightlife hot spots?
  8. I love Janes Addiction. I wish they would come down to Miami! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. Germaine Jackson is wacko too!!!

    This pic looks like one of those pics they take for the yearbook when you are a senior! Child molestation is ABSOLUTELY no laughing matter... but you have to admit, the Jackson family is a bit weird. This isn't the first time Michael is accused and taken to court. Last time he settled, predictions are that he won't settle with this case. Who knows what really happened? I'm sure there are innocent people put away in jail and guilty people set free every day.
  10. hair question

    Typically, people suggest go light during summer and dark during fall/winter. HOWEVER, it all depends on your hair type. If your hair is dry or damaged you should actually go light (but not too light) during fall/winter and darker during summer bc the sun and weather works better with your hair that way. As for a haircut: Since I want to keep my hair long, I usually tell my hairstylist to cut just enough so my hair is healthy... sometimes that means a little off the ends, sometimes it means 2 inches! Personally, I think there are way too many factors to consider: like height, skintone, bodyshape, facial structure, wardrobe, career, etc... These are all factors you should really consider. TO ME, A haircut is SO personal, it's hard to really advise others.
  11. Germaine Jackson is wacko too!!!

    This whole thread is hilarious! :laugh:
  12. HAHA_ You got to watch this.

  13. Saturday Night Warm Up 2 For 1 Drinks

    Thanks for the info... I'll definitely be there!
  14. Victorias Secret fashion show

    I missed it... does anyone know where I can find any pics of the show?