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  1. Atkins Diet?

    hmm i was thinking about going on it...if you want more information go to atkins information here the url link (if you click on it) will take you to atkins.com...they have meal plans and everything.. basically the diet is cutting out carbs entirely and focusing on things with protein and fruits and vegetables...its actually a lot more complex than what i said above but i think im just going to run it my own way and eat fruits and vegetables and protein and cut out the carbs in general...the complicated stuff get really confusing if you read to deeply into it on the site.. besides..its probably safer if you do it your way cos of all the potential health risks in the future..
  2. Sean Paul

    you know what song and video is good by sean paul? Deport them i like that song better than some of the stuff he has out now..
  3. Favorite songs to hear in a club

    you know what song is hot? its a remix of benzino's rock the party with lil kim on it..i love that song.. question to the wave...who came up with the boriqua anthem? i never heard of it and its kinda funny too cos im half puerto rican..the only song that comes to mind is 100% by big pun..i kinda call that the bootleg puerto rican anthem..lol
  4. dj marc ronson

    i have one of his mix cds that was released on elektra..hes a really good dj...
  5. Where do u buy Pony clothes

    i think somebody already said this but...they do have a lot of pony stuff at www.hottopic.com if its not in a mall near you..
  6. ..under 18..

    hi..im 17 and im turning 18 in a few months..i had a question..does anybody know of any under 18 clubs in northern new jersey that i could go to? It doesnt matter any day of the week and any time but i couldnt find any..thanks.. meisa