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  1. Beyonce's new cd

    Beyonce's music is trash! She don't got beats. If you wanna hear some real music check out the new Mary J. album. Mary J. puts it down. Check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about http://www.hyfntrak.com/maryjblige/mmf/ This link has a sing from her album. It's got Method man in it too. tell me what you think about it
  2. mary j blige's new album

    yo mary j's new album is off da hook. 50's on it, dre's on it, eve, and diddy too. i found a player for it on her site. check it out. its http://www.hyfntrak.com/maryjblige/maryjf lemme know what ya think.
  3. Everyones gotta listen to the new method man and mary j song. it's sicc as hell!!!! check this site out http://www.hyfntrak.com/maryjblige/mmf/
  4. Mary J.'s got beats

    Yo wat up yall! i just herd a song off the new mary j. cd. it was dope! check it out. its got method man in it too www.hyfntrak.com/maryjblige/mmf/ wat yall think about it?