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  1. Holy crap what was that song???

    Actually it was "Number one" (Steve Angello remix) - Goldfrapp. And the other song you mentioned is "Bring back the love" by Sex on Monday my playlists are listed on my website - www.johnnybudz.com in the message board section if interested oh, and Slaveom, thanks for all the love and kind words...lolll
  2. Join me, Lil C and Showboat at KTU's Beatstock on Sunday for the OFFICIAL Tail Gate Party starting up at 1pm in the parking lot. Just look for our banner and stage. I'll be dj'in all afternoon so just listen for the loud ass music and you'll find us. Food, LIQUOR, Beer Pong, etc etc etc. See u all there !
  3. Djais Friday Happy Hour!

    Got there at 5:30pm.....crawled out at 1:40am.... i love u DJ's ! lol
  4. Song Of The Summer 2005??

    FYI, Eric Prydz is NOT the artist of "Fading like a flower". The correct artist is "Dancing DJ's" which is signed to AATW in the UK. There's also a 'copy' version (ie - DJ Sammy vs Eyra Gail) by 2-4 Grooves. Prydz is just a mislabel. Johnny Budz www.JohnnyBudz.com
  5. DJ LiL Cee Update 2005

    Distribution companys sometimes release non-official tracklistings way too far in advance, before the final track listing is confirmed. Happens with every one of my cd's as well. (Must be a Tommy Boy thing....lol) It eventually gets updated before release date. Johnny Budz www.JohnnyBudz.com
  6. Lana Lounge Hoboken New Gossip!!!

    Hey Cee Can you please post your email address? I wanna email u to know if I can get a comp thanks! LOL Johnny Budz www.johnnybudz.com
  7. The cd comes out Tuesday, not Monday jackass.....lol How much do I owe u for all this free promotion ? DJ's Ray Roc, Sizzahands, Riz, Tiesto, and Oakenfold will be in the house also
  8. KTU has done it again!

    I play a big club buzz record on Friday and Saturday night (Def Leppard "Photograph") and people complain. Shall I just play Lasgo for 2 hrs ? lol. Can't please em all ! Its all good See ya all at SURF sunday afternoon Me and Kirk should be looped by 3:30pm
  9. Little C gets a Golden Shower at MargiGra at Copa

    see now that is just WROOOOOOOOOOOONG But it is funny as hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we still love u Lil C !!!!!