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  1. Tonight is the night fellas. This is a night not to be missed. In fact, It will be a night many will remember.
  2. Be sure to tune in to the Global DJ Broadcast with a 2 hour Classics Showcase by Markus Schulz, Then A State Of Trance with Armin Van Buuren bringing us his 2006 Yearmix. Global DJ Broadcast and A State Of Trance simulcast brought to you by DI.FM. The broadcast begins at 12:00pm eastern time on the Trance Channel. Global DJ Broadcast For the times in your area, Click here Times in EST. 12:00pm-2:00pm - Markus Schulz MarkusSchulz.nu Global Selection: You can now vote for your favorite track played by Markus each week on the Global DJ Broadcast in the MarkusSchulz.nu Global Selection Poll. Each week the winner will be declared on a Thursday shortly before the new episode begins. Guests are allowed to participate in voting, however, we encourage you to register on both the mainsite and forum. To vote, go to: http://www.markusschulz.nu/globalselection To view the archive of 2006 Global Selection winners: click here A State Of Trance For the times in your area, Click here Times in EST. 2:00pm-4:00pm - Armin Van Buuren ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Trance Channel Streams Winamp 96k http://www.di.fm/mp3/trance.pls AAC+ 24k http://www.di.fm/aacplus/trance.pls Windows Media Player 32k http://www.di.fm/wma/trance.asx ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Join the #GDJB chat during Global DJ Broadcast. For Java Chat click here For Mirc Users /server irc.mixxnet.net /join #GDJB Or click here ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Join the #armind Chat during A State Of Trance For Java Chat, Click here For Mirc Users /server irc.mixxnet.net /join #armind Or click here
  3. Rocky Balboa (2006)

    I believe the new Transformers teaser trailer is playing in front of Rocky Balboa as well.
  4. Transformers Teaser Trailer

    Check out the new Transformers teaser trailer, Its awesome! http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/transformers.html
  5. More like an Inconvenience Charge if you ask me.
  6. SOTU Sessions w/guest "Groove Eric" [Saturday, August 12, 2006]

    Heres the link to the live video stream. mms://live.primestream.com/womb.video.wm.80
  7. SOTU Sessions w/guest "Groove Eric" [Saturday, August 12, 2006]

    I'm gonna record the video stream of this.
  8. Nature One 2006 Day 2 Live!

    Tune in on Nature One 2006, This is the 2nd day of it and its broadcasting live, Right now its Bad Boy Bill. Times in CET. 22:45-00:15 Bad Boy Bill 00:15-01:00 Anthony Rother -live- 01:00-01:20 NatureOne Inc. 01:20-03:15 Armin van Buuren 03:15-03:45 Northern Lite -live- 03:45-05:15 Tom Novy 05:15-05:45 Alexander Kowalski -live- 05:45-07:30 Markus Schulz 07:30-09:00 Dag Nature One Official WMP Stream mms:// Winamp Streams
  9. Wanted: Female Bouncers for Big Shot Nightclub...

    Its a good idea, It could give the clubs a more positive image.
  10. Tonight is the night, Hope to see everyone there.
  11. J2: Juggment Day

    The Juggernaut is back in an all new video. Part 1 http://youtube.com/watch?v=D6yd55-V8PE Part 2 http://youtube.com/watch?v=na79jwGJCEk
  12. SUPERMAN RETURNS!!! (wtf???)

    I thought the movie was great, It was right up there with the first Superman movie in its tone, The movie takes place many years after Superman 2 and it had an interesting twist involving Lois Lane's kid, I won't spoil it, You gota see it for yourself.
  13. The Official Heat Vs. Mavericks Nba Finals Thread!!!

    Miami Heat are the 2006 NBA Champions!
  14. The Official Heat Vs. Mavericks Nba Finals Thread!!!

    Game 6 tonight, 1 win is all the Heat needs to win the championship, Lets all hope they can do it tonight.
  15. The Official Heat Vs. Mavericks Nba Finals Thread!!!

    Heat wins in overtime! Final score Heat 101 Mavericks 100