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  1. Rugby - on Direct Tv

    played for 2 years in college.....won the national championship last year
  2. Momu - Bring It On Back

    anything by monu is quality
  3. Space Wars @ Space34 07-26-03

    they paid someone to make that? lol
  4. Fave track right now

  5. Fave track right now

    holden - a break in the clouds soooooooooo smooth
  6. "King Of The Patio Poll"

    please dont say it is OG
  7. Nv or Space,which owner is going to spend the big bucks

    i doubt space34 will be shutting down anytime soon. best of luck to nv though. not sure if it will benefit or hurt them being so close to space. it will be good for them at first but after time that may change. i know glodrush is thanking god that space moved down the street.
  8. Ok ladies, when is enough too much?

    i guess she wanted attention moved away from her face.
  9. Question - When did Space Jump the Shark?

    yeah space34 is fun, has great sound and lights...but i miss the intimate atmosphere that the old space had. the low ceilings were great and i loved the warehouse feel.
  10. attention Luis Pig!!!!!!!!!!!1

    i aint scurd:D
  11. Markus Schulz for "King of Space34 Patio" thread.......

    tranceplanet? haha. Markus is the right man for the job. he creates a great enviroment and his mixing skills are amazing.
  12. "King Of The Patio Poll"