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  1. Yeah, of course you would think it's Cedric.. Like he doesn't have fans here. No one would stick up for him. Dude be for real!! Besides I'm not just defending Cedric, I'm also making a point that you guys have a personal issue with the guy.. You say he plays cheesy and for the croud, then you praise a guy that plays Funky House and puts people to sleep at where it should be a progressive main room(Crobar)!!
  2. Dude, accept where you live!!!! We're in Miami.....The commercial capitol of the world.. Don't judge a Dj by what he plays here. Yes it’s definitely just a job here. But don't tell me every Dj you mentioned doesn't play commercial. Go to NY, Chicago, or other parts of the world like Europe to listen to underground music, not Miami. If Dj's here play more than two records people don't recognize, everybody leaves the dance floor. Now, who do I think is worth a shit?? Guest Dj's like, Timo Maas, Steve Lawler, Danny Howells.. But even Dj's like these can't really hold a big crowd here. Miami is extremely uneducated when it comes to House Music!! It's all about Trance and Tiesto.. Personally I don't like Trance, I'm A house guy, but I don't knock any Dj I haven’t seen perform at his personal preference.......
  3. Of course I signed up, I always read the post but never reply, I just thought it was time to put my 2 cents towards all this nonesence. Why don't you answer your own question? Who is worth a shit around here????? Not anybody you mentioned!!!! :rolleyes:
  4. I agree with you, there’s definitely a personal thing going on there. For someone who’s never met a person and gives their opinion speaks for itself. Any normal person awaits their personal opinion of a person from personal experience. I mean, just listen to the crap they’re talking.
  5. It's funny that you guys think Cedric's sets are cheesy, and he plays to please the crowd. Yet, you're suggesting Juan Mejia for crobar24. I mean he's a nice guy and all, but the most underground he plays is "Eddie Amador". I could go to Blue on any night and listen to the same music. As far as the other guys, I could just listen to 93.1 and hear the same music. You’re not showing me anything with those names you're throwing out. If you guys are going to put someone down, at least compare them with people worth a shit.