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  1. Saturday: Temptations Bouncer Ruins A Good Time

    Originally posted by notallthere666 murray is the man ... yo i hope it isent the bouncer that works here at pfizer doing security.. Hes a nice guy. This is my first time on the site because a guy I work w/ said someone here was calling me out for grabbin girls asses and pushing cripples. Viperrr, I don't know how u think u know me but u got me mixed up. I took off Sat, wasn't even there. Every Sat and Sunday I work the stage. Not where u r talking about. FYI, u can't miss me look for the shortest bouncer on the stage w/ his sleeves rolled up to perfection. LoL And no I don't grab girls asses. (U trying to get me in trouble...) notallthere666, Thanks for the compliment man, I am a nice guy. Stop by at work or down the shore and say what's up Hey Murray, back me up man!