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  1. PATELs

    by the way i don't hate greece or greeks....just hate jon fuckens....so if i offended anyone other than him in anyway. I'm sorry. Meant no harm. just wanted to show him same ignorance he displayed. sorry again.
  2. PATELs

    i want to vent also....I hate Greece. It is so fucking worthless. All that comes from there are fucking ignorant greeks. How can u name ur boy Nikki??? What are they so fucking stupid that they can't figure out if it's a boy or girl??? WAIT....these are also they people that believe in spraying windex will cure all. You fucking morans. Did I offend someone??? Maybe you Jon Fuckens??? You probably so fucking high on E you don't even know someone's calling you out. You ignorant fuck, you probably laughed at the fact i called someone Jon Fuckens and never thought it was you!! Go back to greece, if ur not there already fucking goats for a living. You ain't even a dj all u are is the kid fucking around carrying the crates. Mother fucker if I knew you I wouldn't even let you carry my needles. You might think it was a dildo and try to stick it up ur ass. You cum sucking piece of shit. I'm not even a patel....but i don't think u have a problem with patels more like indians. I'm sorry she turned you down. Indian girls just don't like people with the name of JON FUCKENS. p.s. i hope u really ain't from NY...cause my boy Nymth will fuck u up ur own mother won't recognize u. out.