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  1. 3 rooms of sound presented by: Hidden Dimension & Sound Alliance Sneak peek of the bill: Location: 205 Bainbridge st. Cost: $5 time 9pm till 2am and afterhours.... Area 1. ???? Hectic SwingKidd Yentalbeats John Bas Hobie C. Vs. Zev Atomz Area 2. Anton Chasm Proxxy & Lantern CandyKid ????????? Area 3. ???????? Caliente Sky Sour diesel ????????
  2. Location 205 bainbridge st. Philadelphia PA 19145 Cost : FREE! time 9pm till 2am Papst $2 all night Line up: Dave Mass : TooWunPhyve: philly Hectic : East music group: hard to swallow:Hidden Dimension: philly Hobie.C : Hidden Dimension: philly Swingkidd :Hiddendimension: philly Jon Anthony Vs. Zev Atomz: light it up TooWunPhyve: Hidden Dimension: philly open turntables 9pm till 10pm come join the last minute chaos with us.... Free afterhours as well! line up tba
  3. Adam X will be doing a rare live Pa set, Dont miss!
  4. Party starts @ 6am till 2pm cost $5 @ Polaris on 9th st"around the corner from shampoo" Line up: Adam X sonic Groove NYC Atomic Babies Vs. Germ Live PA Hidden Dimension BML DPIM Brooklyn NY The Creator Uptown Underground NYC Dj Sun fever all-star: Baltimore MD Ranjii Vs. DJ GOFUCKYOURSELF Shadowcast rec. Hidden Dimension SF cali/Philly PA John Bas Vs. Dj NIKO Electronic Chaos Brooklyn NY/ Poconos PA Zendiagrams Live PA Monolith rec. Bethelem PA G-Drive Vs. Full Circle Phillytechno.org / Internal error Philly PA and more!!!!
  5. First off I want to thank everyone who has supported Relief throughout the years. I can't express how great it is to have so much support for something that means so much to me. A lot of people have been asking me when Relief got started and why. Basically it was in 99 and it got started because I was running a record store and knew a grip of bad ass DJ's that didn't have opportunities to play out often or ever. I got a place in Lyndhurst called Insomnias and every Thursday night there was always an inexpensive place to go have fun and hear some kick ass music from talented DJ's regardless of whether you heard of them or not. We always had a headliner or 2 mixed with up and coming DJ's but the music was always great all night. People came out to support their locals and see their friends and it became a family. I still keep all the core elements in mind as the years go on and the Relief family grows. I'm always looking for demos from DJ's so if you have one don't be afraid to hand one to me. I have to say during the voting process, the thing that really made me happy to see was the heartfelt comments and support that were specifically attached with the side room DJ's. More people than I expected to see really supported their local DJ's and genuinely explained why they felt these people deserved a spot and what they have witnessed them go through to get there or the impact they had when they first heard them. It's just nice to see one of the main elements of Relief to me going strong. I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote and create the Relief All Stars Volume 1. Due to previous engagements, some of the winning DJ's are unavailable for this date so we went down the list in order and we are very proud to present the first installment of what you guys came up with as being the best of the best out of last years talent. Be on the look out for Volume 2 later this year which will include the DJ's that were unavailable for this date. Unfortunately we aren't able to use Tequila Joes as originally planned but we have a venue that is much BIGGER, and LOUDER than Tequila Joes. Some of you might remember it as the Polish club down the street from Outer Limits Music, and some of you might remember it as the place Judgment Day was held as well as various parties or some of you might be hearing about it for the first time. Regardless of all that, it still remains, it's going to be an inexpensive place to go to have fun and hear some kick ass music from talented DJ's and hang out with the family from back in the day. Outer Limits Productions is proud to present: Relief All Stars Vol. 1 Saturday April 8th 2006 Remember this is the All Stars so its headliners from start to finish so GET THERE EARLY!! Stage One: Lenny Dee *Techno Set* 12am (Industrial Strength Records www.industrialstrengthrecords.com, NY) Voted No 1 'Hardest DJ' by Mixmag in 2004 & 'Best Worldwide Teckno DJ' by the Scottish Dance Music awards 2 years in a row, Lenny Dee founded Industrial Strength in 1991 which is one of the first and most revolutionary Hardcore / Techno labels in the world. He has also written and produced on labels such as Nu Groove, 4th floor, Rotterdam Records. Warner Bros, Strictly Rythmn, R&S , Music Man, Atlantic Records, Third Movement and Various singles on Chris Liberator's Stay Up Forever Collective. Lenny Dee has been DJing since the Mid 80s and has played all over the world at some of the biggest parties such as May Day, Love Parade, Woodstock, Tribal Gathering, Helter Skelter, Rezerection, Energy, Thunderdome, the Jane's Addiction Reunion tour & the list goes on. Come and see one of the earliest creators of Teckno - Mr. Lenny Dee ! Bam Bam 11pm (Bass Heavy Music/_FadedMuzik/Slappa, Chicago) Known for his unique blend of turntable tactics and studio precision, Chicago’s playboy of hard jackin’ beats has been using his mastery to dominate the Hard House/Techno community across the globe for 12 years strong. Bam Bam’s production résumé includes 6 legal DJ mixed compilations and appearances on over 50 vinyl releases; amounting to a combined total of well over 100,000 sales worldwide [soundscan]. Emerging on the international electronic scene at the early age of 18, Bam Bam immediately began setting the pace for Techno and Hard House producers throughout the US and Europe. In 1997 Chicago-based label, UC Music, signed Bam Bam to an exclusive contract enabling him to release five fully licensed CD mix compilations including House Blend 3 & 4 and Da Hard Beats 1 & 2. While putting his name on numerous vinyl releases, exclusive remix projects, and working with high profile artists like Bad Boy Bill and Frankie Bones; Bam Bam became a strong accessory to the stronghold UC Music had in the late 90’s. Gonzo 9pm (Outer Limits Productions/EMG, NJ/NY) Gonzo is a 14 year veteran who started with a group of promotors known as "Adrenalin" fueling dancefloors all across New York City, after which he earned a residency at the legendary Limelight from 1993 to 1996 thus launching his career. DJ Gonzo's unique style of spinning has made him an icon in the industry. His skills have paved the way for him to perform with such acts as "The Crystal Method" & "The Chemical Brothers" and 1997's Lollapalooza. In 1999 he performed at "WoodStock 99" alongside Fatboy Slim, Dave Ralph and Sandra Collins to name a few... He will be rocking the country and the globe for many years to come. Sykopath 10pm (Outer Limits Productions/Adam Worldwide, NJ) The creative force and general mastermind behind Outer Limits Productions, DJ Sykopath's influence has greatly impacted the Electronic Dance Music scene over the past 17 years. His attention to detail, unrivaled dedication, loyalty and raw talent has gained him international respect, and allowed him to work along side some of the industries finest. In addition to headlining a countless number of American events over the past decade, his unique hard-as-hell acid sound and dizzying scratch patterns have carried him to such exotic locales as Italy, Switzerland, even Holland and beyond. Being a truly gifted artist, production was clearly in his future. His accomplishments in this regard are equally impressive, including a myriad of high profile remixes, and post-producion scratches for a collaboration of artists which included members of the legendary rap - metal innovators, Biohazard. Dj Sykopath most recent and notable credits go to his 1st vinyll release for "Call Me Syko" on The Cosa Nostra EP off of Adam Worldwide, as well as the puppet master behind New Jersey's most respected and succesfull parties since the 20th Century: Relief! Mike Hemp vs Dope-e *2x4 Turntablist Set* 1am We are proud to bring you a rare east coast appearance from this tag team that has undoubtedly showcased some of the sickest turntablism skills that Relief has ever seen. They will be doing a 2x4 tag that will fill the hour with non stop insanity. Not only are they sick DJ's but they are very talented producers as well. Look for their production work on H2OH Recordings. This is a set not to be missed!!!! (H2OH Recordings, CA) Dave Tryxx 8pm (Outer Limits Productions, NJ) Despite a decade of experience under his belt, every one of Dave Tryxx’s performances still captures the excitement and energy of a DJ’s first time playing for a big crowd. That essence that he radiates time and time again has landed him on the rosters of Outer Limits and Beneath Your Feet and has also earned him the spot of being a Relief resident. He prides himself on being heavily involved in all aspects of the scene from dancing to helping the scene grow in the proper directions. This is why it isn’t uncommon to see Dave Tryxx throw on one of his favorite tunes and jump out of the DJ booth and dance his ass off along side his fans. In everything he does in life and music he applies his key element… Passion. This is the main ingredient in his new cd “Gears of War†which will be given out in celebration for this release party. Be sure to go up to him and get your copy!! Stage Two: NOT just DnB...but mostly Presented by Outer Limits and Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management Dara *Voted #1 for this room!* 1am (Breakbeat Science/Planet of the Drums, Philly) A member of the infamous Planet of the Drums crew alongside fellow drum ‘n bass pioneers AK1200, Dieselboy, & J Messinian , this Irish transplant has been a dominant figure in the U.S. drum ‘n bass scene since his arrival here in 1994. His discography includes 2 critically acclaimed full length artist albums, 8 DJ mix CDs, as well as numerous singles and remixes for artists such as Freq Nasty, Afrika Bambaata and Keoki. Dara co-founded the nation's first & largest drum ‘n bass record store, Breakbeat Science , in NYC which doubles as his own imprint, Breakbeat Science Recordings. He has been featured in countless magazine articles and interviews both in the US and worldwide. He previously hosted one of the internet's most popular drum ‘n bass broadcasts, Velocity, where he regularly interviewed leading drum ‘n bass artists such as Jonny L, Kemistry & Storm, Trace, Ed Rush, Optical, Hype, Andy C, Zinc, and many others. Dara's long standing relationships with the world's drum ‘n bass elite gives him access to an astounding amount of new and unreleased material. His brilliant recording endeavors along with his incessant touring markey by consistently awe-inspiring DJ sets have made him one of the most recognized and well respected DJs in the country. Venom 11pm (Volume Productions www.volumeproductions.com, RI) DJ Venom has been playing the rave circuit since the early 90's. This veteran has gained notoriety with his superb track selection and his award winning scratching skills. He has produced over 71 underground mixtapes and CDs. His scratching skills have earned him 2nd place finishes 1994 NE Spin-off, 1st place in the 1997 Providence DJ Battle, and two 2nd place finishes at the Winter Music Conference DJ Competitions in 1998 and 1999. He was also voted 1999 DJ of the Year by the Providence Phoenix People's Choice awards. His specialty is hard house, ghetto booty house, and his own style and label: "retro-tech", a modern version of old school techno breakbeat and jungle. Venom started Volume in 94. Few put on a performance quite like Venom. He continues to break barriers, producing and playing tracks that add a new dimension to the music scene. Mason 12am (Gasm, Philly/Freak/MetalHeadz,UK) Hailing from the area known as South Philly, the home of the legendary heavyweight, Rocky Marciano, Mason aka Myster Mason is as intense as anyone could be. This strength of character and no nonsense approach to life is the fuel to Mason’s powerful production style. With releases on Freak, Eastside, Intasound and the monumental signing to Metalheadz, Mason has exploded into the international arena. 2004 has nothing but good things in store for America’s brightest star. Mason began djing in March 1998 with the most basic of set ups ( a belt driven Gemini, an old ass technic w/o a pitch-shift and a 2 channel mixer that barely even worked) . Within less than 6 months Mason quickly caught the attention of some of the leading promoters in the east coast, and landed his first gig at Space. From that point on there was no looking back and Mason quickly established his position as one of the top drum and bass djs in the east coast. It was not son after that Mason took it to the next level. After seeing his mixtapes perform amazing sales numbers, Mason ventured into the world of production. Philadelphia, having a strong musical history and culture, was the perfect environment for a budding composer. Outside of drum and bass the likes of Beenie Siegle, The Roots, Jill Scott, Jazzy Jeff and more were developing into fantastic talents. Drum and Bass in Philadelphia was not to be left behind. The city boasted of the biggest and best line-ups that could be found anywhere in North America. Each week you could hear and see the baddest of dnb talent and being an integral part of the scene, allowed Mason to interact and feed from the most brilliant in the industry. “I live, eat and breath DnB, when my sweat falls off my forehead it falls to the ground like subsonic charges..I’m not just in this shit for the money and fame, I’m in it cause I love it. I can’t stop thinking about it. Everything around me revolves around beats and bass. I’m always striving to learn more, make more and hear more and to be the best at what I do. I just want to do the shit that makes me happy. I’m determined and passionate about everything I do, I put 200% into it. Rougher and Harder.†- Mason J Smooth 10pm (GFS Productions, Philly) Nationally touring dj and producer, he also plays guitar and a good dozen of other instruments on all his original productions. World renowned for his funky drum and bass sets and his ill scratching abilities, J.Smooth was one of the pioneers of American Hip Hop and Drum and Bass fusion sound. Nowadays, he makes it all from sick funk jams, downtempo ballads, and even rocking house tracks as part of Tito's Kids. Check out his latest full length, original album "Mount Vernon Street" under His "GFS" group alias which is available now worldwide. Krazyglue 9pm (Incognito/www.personalnightmare.com, NYC) A household name in the city that never sleeps: GLUE (aka KrazyGlue) started the Drum N Breaks crew back in 1996 with his DJ partner-in-crime Shanedaddy, and has pushed the sounds of drum n bass / breakbeat ever since. After cultivating a strong love for many genres of music and over 10 years of professional training in jazz playing alto saxophone, he was well-grounded for future success in the music industry. By performing at almost every major electronic music event in the tri-state area since 2000 and even making his way out to London in 2001 for a prime-time slot at the legendary Ministry of Sound, GLUE worked tirelessly to make his name stick, slowly working his way up to his current non-stop schedule of DJing rock shows and raves across the country. Introduced to drum and bass during the mid-late 90’s, GLUE is most known for playing hard dnb sets, and pushing the darker side of dnb through his image and style. If you're lucky you might also catch him spinning and cutting over a variety of breaks, hiphop, disco, 80’s, and even rock ‘n roll, sometimes on 4 decks with the rest of the crew. His deep roots in the early 90’s Long Island straightedge hardcore movement are evident during his energetic sets, especially in his ability to connect the audience with the music to create enthusiasm and participation. Doc Spin A Lot 8pm (Outer Limits/Upright and Movin, NJ) MC's: MC Crash Overide (Cyber Groove/HyperBreaks Records, NJ) MC Precious (HyperBreaks Records, NJ) Room 3: Jen Mas *Voted #1 for this room!* 11pm (Vitus Productions/www.jenmas.com, NY) Founder of Vitus Productions, Jen has been organizing events in the NYC area since 1997. Shortly after becoming a promoter, she became drawn to the idea of moving a crowd with sound and was instantly fascinated by the use of turntables. She set out to learn every aspect of DJing, and now after over seven years of devotion she has grown to become one of America's top female hardcore DJs. In action, she displays a unique style and passion for her music and her progressive sets always express her enthusiasm, forcing you to dance to every beat. With her quick mixing, cutting, and scratching, she keeps you on your toes and takes you through a journey of sound that has the ability to appeal to a broad range of listeners, since her sets can include many different genres of music. Her admiration and dedication to turntablism and genre-blending keeps leading her down a unique path of her art form, and she strives to continue pushing the limits of DJing as well as keeping busy in the studio working on original material. And if that's not enough, she can also be counted on to throw down a mean set of jnngle/drum and bass or old skool. And of course she will continue to organize quality events in her local scene. Her vigorous journey has only begun. Frazzle 12am (Outer Limits Productions /Demented + Frazzled, NJ) How Hard vs. Joey Flowz vs. Mannchild vs. Psynikill *3 hour mash up battle for 3rd place* 8pm (Hardmind/Versatile Groove) (Hardmind/Vitus (MKII), NY/NJ) Dj Big Ears 1:30 (Hardmind/BassBot.org) Tracatak 1am (Vitus Productions/Industrial Strength Records, NY) I only have crappy pictures from my phone but it will give you an idea of what the place looks like... minus the ping pong tables of course lol I unfortunately don't have any clear pics of the 3rd room but you get the idea. Club Centrum 1-3 Monroe Street Passaic NJ 07055 (973) 473-6619 Ages: 18+ for Ladies - 21+ for Gentlemen (You must bring ID) Admission: 21+ $10 before 11pm $15 after 18+ $15 before 11pm $18 after Hours: 8pm-2am $1 DRAFTS AND SHOTS OF HOUSE VODKA BEFORE 11PM!!
  6. rizumu : saturday april 15th : by funkshun http://funkshun.us Function, Mark Verbos, Tim Xavier, Valentina and more! flyer this week! LAVAZONE : http://lavazone.org MAP : http://maps.google.com/maps?q=4134+...hiladelphia,+pa'&iwloc=A&hl=en LAVA is the Lancaster AVenue Autonomous space, a community center for radical media and politics. 4134 Lancaster Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104 10pm till late . 18 to enter . $10 delicious vegan catering by two potatoes
  7. Explosion Into 2006: Nye Party In Philly!

    ^^^ It will be a goodtime...
  8. http://www.soundalliance.com/nye.htm ^^ CLICK FOR BANNER ABOVE^^