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  1. Space Fucks up Yet Again

    why wouldnt it work in Vegas, it could have a diffrent venue at a diffrent hotel!...thats what i heard so we shall see when the time comes !
  2. Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie is sooo hot, I loved her in Original Sin ..If i had to do a girl it would definately be her...she just seems like a freak..I LOVE IT!!!!
  3. Space Fucks up Yet Again

    OHHH yeah and whats NV all about , i havent heard of it?!
  4. Space Fucks up Yet Again

    Speaking of the WMC, i heard its not in miami this year, its in either vegas or NYC, whats the deal with that??
  5. Space Fucks up Yet Again

    Space,going down?, i dont think so! that place might as well have a bank underneath it, space is known worldwide, the tourist will always be there even if the locals aren't, plus it has a 24 hour liquor permit..hate to say it but the old space was way cooler than the new space34..its too bright and the old building was better! I dont think that anything could bring space down unless you bring Ibiza to miami...then thats a diffrent story! p.s. what other club do you know that puts up advetisments on I-95 on an emergency sign!! lol