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  1. PATELs

    No patel chick should fu*k a mofo like him. Its like asking to get HIV
  2. PATELs

    Yeah I read it and I say it again, he is a biatch for the homos. Which means sex slave or prosititute for homos. {quote] wrong, i just thought that youd be the more reasonable one to speak with...
  3. PATELs

    Of course ur thru, cuz if we met ud get a beating. hey man, u and ur family define inbred. Ur dad is also ur brother!
  4. PATELs

    Before getting on the intellectuel high horse answer the question I asked u. 2nd, I said he was a prositute for homosexuals. I haven't heard u say anything to the other party. He started we definately have a right to respond back. I think u have already chosen sides and r using all this "intellectuel" gibberish as a cover. Therefore I don't need a lecture from u, on morals.
  5. PATELs

    Hahahahah, u were probably concieved in a Patel motel.
  6. PATELs

    See thats the problem, u urself think all Patel's r related. SO u might believe his sh*t about being inbred. So where does that put u. I don't care who gets offended in the process. This is a message board and I can post offensive comments back. WE didn;t start this.
  7. PATELs

    It means his family is full of prostitutes, including that motherf**ker(mofo) himself(yeap, cheap biatch for the homos). Patel's like myself who r good with their money wouldn't spend alot for his raunchy family members. Since he is his family pimp as well, he probably got a beating when he tried to get more then 2 bucks for his sis. 2 condoms cuz u can't be careful enough with trash like that. Anyway we gotta be cheap so we can save money and fu*k up shitheads like that fake dj. Hope that clarifies shit. Anyway some Patel is gonna beat the sh*t out of him so bad that he won't be able to type anymore. Just go up to one and tell him in their face. BTW when somebody does ur sis, they r gonna spend more money on the Patel Motel room, then for her. So keep that in mind.
  8. PATELs

    djjonstephen, u probably hate Patel's cuz they probably really cheap when it comes to fu.king ur prostitute mother and sisters. Probably have to use 2 condoms. Anyway u sound like one big mofo. Runs in the family how else do u think u were born.