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  1. Aussie raver in NY - what clubs should I visit?

    Ok. First of all it's more than obvious to me and most other people here that you're an uneducated fuckwit who needs to spend a little more time in the classroom than passing out insults over the internet. Secondly, to the person who said "I wouldn't exactly call the PVD thing a "rave"'... where did I call it a rave? I know it's not a rave. To the aussie who posted I'm going to send you an e-mail, and to everyone else (excluding the dickheads) thanks for your help.
  2. Hey I'm an Australian raver in NY! At the moment I'm working at a summer camp but I can't wait to get out and back into NYC and visit the rave/club scene! I just wanted to ask anyone for recommendations here's a bit about me I'm 19, I guess some people would call me a candy kid, but it really depends where I'm going. I'm into trance and hardhouse, some dnb as well... I usually have really big nights... anywhere from 8-12 hours... but I'm sure most of you do as well what's the deal with the 21+ thing here? I heard some clubs lets 18+ in though? and I'm looking to go to clubs around the inner city area because I'll have to catch the subway and stuff and I don't want to get *too* lost... any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciate, I can't WAIT to see what you guys have to offer! oh btw I already have one gig lined up... which would be.... August 28th - Paul Van Dyk @ Central Park can't f**king wait!