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  1. How many ppl on cp have u hookedup with?

    Hey, Mikeynine99999.....i know your lovely family and especially your sisters won't approve of SexyD.....STAY AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  2. i was planning on going to montreal for new years or that weekend after new years. i pretty much know what clubs to go to. my question is, where is a good place to stay? what is a good hotel that is located in the middle of everything. should i stay on crescent street? what about St Catherine street. any help would be really good.....
  3. attn: sexxxxxxybabyd

    Is that the infamous Daniella in that Pic that everyone is talkin bout?...where is everyone's standards when it comes to being HOT??????????....lolol....first off, she looks like she's a midget, second, she's unproportioned...her head is tiny, her thighs huge....hahaha....she's soo disgusting:tongue:
  4. montreal...

    im curious, im planning on going to montreal for new years, any suggestions on where to stay. also how does it work with currecnty exchange rate. am i better off shopping out there for jeans. any help would be good
  5. True Life: I'm a clubber

    okay...here's my little opinion on the show. I was surprisingly disappointed about the whole plot of story. When it says , I'm a Clubber....i automatically assumed that MTV was goin to document people who have a love for music and a love for clubs. People who wake up in the morning and all they do is think about clubs and music, people who follow the main dj's like Tiesto, PVD, or other such international DJs, and people who travel all over the U.S. and all over the world to experience all the different clubs. To me, this is a true clubber. MTV just picked four people who have serious issues that go to clubs to vent and to forget about their pathetic life. I'm sorry to feel this way but according to MTV, this is what they wanted all their viewers to think what a clubber actually is.
  6. Montreal NYE

    planning on going....anyone going this year or went previously...how was it?
  7. Flow in Soho (opinions)

    well,, i went on a thursday..and it was horrible..there were like 40 people there...they had to close the downstairs room cuz it was so dead...I didn't even like the setup of the place..it was so poorly and cheaply done...i dunno..maybe i went on a wrong night. Its definetly not on my list of hot lounges to visit. There are many more places that are better.
  8. There's a ton of things to do in the village on a saturday...tons of restaurants that turn into a lounge with music later on in the night....something out of the ordinary...there's the restaurant Jekyl and Hyde...its a tourist trap in terms of their prices for their foods but i'm sure your girl will get a kick out of the costumes and performances done by the employees. Also around there, there are little cafes that stay open....whatever you do,, DO NOT take her to WEBSTER HALL!!!..not a good deal for a date. I would say to just drive into the city, park in the village, and walk around...you'll eventually find something you both like.
  9. i was wondering if Sullivan room or Abaya are any good. what nites are good at these places. lately i been kinda tired of the bigger clubs. any info would be helpful.
  10. What are some awesome male brands...

    i like the european inspired clothing brands...like 4You, BB Jeans, Custo Barcelona, Diesel, Zara, Buffalo...
  11. whats up all...just wonderin if anyone knows the brand of a track jacket...it looks like a Puma zipperdown, however, it has triangles going down the arms. I've seen it on a backup dancer in Britney Spears new video. J Lo also had one of their track suits on. If anyone knows, let me know
  12. Brazilian Bikini Wax Question for the Ladies

    hey all,,,my girl says thanks for the advice..
  13. whats up..I'm asking this question for my girlfriend. She wanted to know if before she goes and gets a brazilian wax, should she try to shave as much of her hair as possible off so that it wouldn't hurt as much??..thanks
  14. Avalon was horrible!

    whats up wit all the ghetto people outside avalon..i left centro-fly and ran into a swarm of them outside that place....and cheetah was absolutely dead too....havent been to avalon yet so I don't know how it is...
  15. CentroFly Review

    aight...went to centro-fly last nite to check it out.... use to go all the time before the renovation....the place is okay, just seemed like they weren't finished. The lighting system was crap and the crowd.....don't get me started....no vibe whatsoever....not a good looking crowd either by the way...didn't know where crystal method was taking me with the music....all in all, I hope it will get better.....use to be my fav place to go....