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  1. Official Happy B'day Dani & Zee

    ummmmm, no feel free to change yours though i dont post much anywayz
  2. Official Happy B'day Dani & Zee

    strip bar huh? sweet turnpike north to 16E (17 if goin south), take secaucus exit to light, make left, go to lite, another left...drive a couple miles to the dmv, make left. AJ's half mile on right side
  3. agreed. too many chiefs and not enough indians. although the acquisition of jagr is a huge benefit, the rangers need more depth. all these superstars and they cant produce shit.
  4. Joey's Roll Call!!!!!!!! 1/18

    which bar were u hangin out by last nite dani? looked for ya, but didnt see ya
  5. Everyone Read!!!!!!!!!!!

    st heads tearin him a new one... sick
  6. New Girl Here :)

    fken newbs
  7. Speaking Of......the Following!

    i dont post much on here, but i dont understand why you even bother doing it. you get abused and ridiculed with every thread you start. why waste your time?
  8. soundgarden sat reviews

    lasgo looked like she was usin ben stiller's hair gel from somethin about mary definately was a good time tho
  9. joey's

    it was pretty fken sick yesterday. my demon costume ruled... pics pending heard drama wasnt really pumpin. any other opinions?
  10. metro/drama

    how was it last nite? looked a little weak when i passed by, but i never went in. reviews please
  11. drama is literally 1/2 mile from my house. im siked for the party
  12. wednesday night hot spot

    u kno something.... every thursday my boy tells me the place is crawling w/ tight hispanic ass. fuck that , im checking it out this week.
  13. i'll be the one pullin up in the limo woooooooooooooooooooo