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  1. where do the quality dj's shop in Miami?

    Dude,there is no way you can compare that place with backdoor records. backdoor got all new music and a few classics in trance breakbeats,hardhouse,house,ect..real music,for dj's.. i dont think you didnt get that....
  2. where do the quality dj's shop in Miami?

    Hey there! there is a lot of good records there,and if is not there he will find it..go to 411 and ask for the adresshis # is(954) 455-3545,try it sometimes is hard to get him cus he might be on line listening to some new music but keep trying belive me is worth it peace ALBERT...good luck
  3. where do the quality dj's shop in Miami?

    Hey man: I will tell you,i dj for fun at home and friends,and i have great music selection,there is this little store not a lot of people know about it,is call back door records..they have brand new record selections every saturday..trance, house, breakbeats,hip hop anything you need belive me when i tell you this he only opens from3 to like 6pm,thrusday to saturday,check it out. Is on hallandale beach blv,from I 95 head east is about a mile on the north side of the road, whenever u see a farmstore,jus pull behind in that parking lot next to a lundromat,that why is call backdoor you have to enter to the back..the best. check it out and good luck. peace! Albert.
  4. Nuttin but love

    hey there: you have to do Maze!its an open invitation:eek: peace!!
  5. Ok boys SIZE EM UP!!

    Hey i think anything below 4" would be bad,bad very bad:
  6. Something to offend everyone

    you are bad:afro: :afro: :lol3:
  7. Age is just a number

    Hey there: I have to agree,that hotie on the left,are we going to see her down here? she is super :flame: hooot.. this tread is quite something still going ...peace! aim- beto0126:jawdrop:
  8. Something to offend everyone

    Hey there little lizzi:D you guys are making lots of budies down here...Its all good but i dont think is agood idea to reveal where the hangout place is going to be:laugh: How can you tell when a Puertorican moved in the hood? mexicans and cuban buy car insurance...
  9. Play at its best

    Hey there! Back in 99 there was this little club just north of the county line, and near river front. when there was no Trance or hardhouse in any club in miami. that was the year Space was born .Play was the place to be,i"ll tell you guys,if there is anybody that reads this that went to that club as regular... That was a family,you could go there by your self and be sure the same people will be there every saturday, that was the closest I ever seen to a church.hard beutiful trance tunes will rocked that dance floor people kiss and scream in joy all over the place,it was a big,awsome family..there will never ever be another club like it...does where the days that put garfield on the map...what ever happend:shades2:
  10. Hey im not trying to kill Garf but if you are a play guy you should know what i mean...Man to this day i dont think there will be another club with the chemistry and the crowd that play had every saturday..those where the days my friend when garfield was the man:cool:
  11. So I heard Oscar G does almost everything for Space

    When i saw oscar g in the bathroom ,i was surprise,but he was rocking the toilets.He was on the money with all mixes,paper towels, wash clothes,cologne,soap.He didn"t missed a beat..he wasthe man:D
  12. So I heard Oscar G does almost everything for Space

    i saw Oscar G whith a tooth brush and his head in the toilet at space.The only reason he is there,and Edgar V is not ,is because they pay him less money than Edgar V..And please i hope nobody can say that Oscar shit! oops sorry G is a better dj, Than mister V.
  13. The Review: Nv: Oakenfold: Saleen351

    I think he was good,but to short of a set,it was only three hours,but when he was on the turntables he rocked the house.good tunes ,nothing stupid or comercial. didn"t like the breakbeats set,as far as the club i think is a good place to chill. And saleen you are a total idiot u should get your head out of your culo=ass you can"t get in for free anywhere:mad:
  14. Hey alluregirl, garfieldwas good 3 years ago when he was at play he is a great guy respect him for what he did before,but i will tell you his music selection sucks,if he is that great why is he not working.I"m pretty sure he would like to be rocking the house somewhere...as far as what you preach,i think you know nothing about music d"js or anithing else you are full of shit:blown:
  15. Hey there: I think that NV can pull it off,Space dont have the greatest resident Dj"s.It doesn"t take a rocket scientist to figure that out,, get the right Dj,one good guestdj every month,and i think they can put space out of business..after all space have been there for three years thats a good run,or average run for every club in sobe....So lets do this NV . this saturday could be a sign of good things to come.remember,we clubbers will be the ones that will benefit from this war...bring the Tiestos,Okey,fleming,cox,Heylets do this!!!!