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  1. why do the herbs of this site sweat sexybabyd?

    i hope you can see unlike everyone else i didnt call you stupid or any names i just gave my opinion and some sound advice,hey break a leg i hope you do well with your site,but if your gonna go through with it go all the way,use my idea find someone who will put up the money for your boobs,and work a deal where the first 7 gs you earn after the surgery is theirs and the a small percentage of profits there after gets kicked to them.thats way to do it trust me ive known people that have done it
  2. why do the herbs of this site sweat sexybabyd?

    but 300 in thailand can get you 15 chicks,lol
  3. why do the herbs of this site sweat sexybabyd?

    no one said your sweating her,but if shes doing that well why cant she shell out 7 gs for boobs,shit if her site is gonna blow up ill invest 7 gs and buy shares of the site.im a buisness man
  4. why do the herbs of this site sweat sexybabyd?

    i wasnt serious,lol i was making a point as it may have been hard to see,but i know plenty of girls who financed their boobs,there was a lot of emphasis on doing the site for the purpose of boobs,heres my advice listen to the ones who are older and wiser,yes she is a hot chick and im sure shes nice and i like looking at hot naked chicks but she should use her brain instead of her body keep your clothes on get an education and and become the woman who is in control of herself and her surroundings,cause someday your gonna wisen up start a family or maybe get that high paying job and wiz bam here come these naked pix you took,just my 2 cents
  5. why do the herbs of this site sweat sexybabyd?

    then i am in error,but none the less,you have to agree gamless herbs gravitate to that shit,i run the advertising dept on sicktracks and night club city and i see herbs sweat chicks not even a 1/4 as hot as sexxybabyd on my boards,i actually read the post by atomicapples and he was reaching,seriously who would pay 300 for a lap dance for 300 in thailand i could own 15 chicks
  6. why do the herbs of this site sweat sexybabyd?

    ok i checked out the link,and im not gonna say shes not hot,cause she is BUT,anyone who takes pics like that and posts them on cp wants gamless herbs to sweat her.and im not saying shes not a nice girl or a bad person cause i dont know her,but gameless herbs is what shes gonna get cause any man of substance knows thats trouble,just my opinion
  7. attention cp mods

    housedivas your problem now,lol