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  1. 5/23 memorial day weekend - we're baaaack! Wet pool party!

    i will be there fo' sheezee. the place is a 5 min drive from where i live
  2. anyone??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Ever wonder if Weyes will run out of Wisdom?

    wha????? you mean she hasn't already??? :laugh: j/k weyes...love your WOTD posts
  4. i'll be there fo' sheezee!!!!!!
  5. LAX guestlist via Club Planet? Yeah - I don't think so

    yeah...guestlists in this city are a load of BS, get used to it. from my experience, if its easy to get on the guestlist and the venue actually lets you in based on the guestlist, then its prolly not a very hot venue and/or its a slow night. otherwise, the places that are really happening and trendy are really hard to get into, and you have 3 choices to get in: 1) bottle service 2) a ton of super hot chix in the group with very few or no guys 3) you have a really good contact at the club otherwise you're not getting in or will prolly end up waiting for over an hr...not my cup of tea IMO
  6. fugg...the love of my life Joplin will be spinnin' and I won't be there!! I'm off to Sacramento...have fun for me!!
  7. can you believe that i couldn't go!! something came up that i had to take care of!!
  8. i can't believe you havent heard of perry yet!! find his set anywhere you can and dl it...or i can send one to you if you want!!
  9. Cabana Club Craaaaazy!!!

    is there a guestlist for cabana on sundays??
  10. spundae guestlist?

    check thy PM
  11. yeah please lemme know as well, im def. hitting up Giant!!! :D
  12. It's My Birthday!!! Time To Party! - July 15!

    hehe alex you know im gonna be there!! happy birthday...damn its been a while since we last met. my birthday is just 5 days after, on july 20!! hehe...guess we're both cancers see you there!!!