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  1. Studio 4..

    they had this big fuckin employment search for 2 saturdays....guess you missed it
  2. Soundgarden Wtfffffff

    you serious?
  3. Ny thoughts on the NEW JP CD

    boston eats dick and a deep-asshole creampie
  4. Visting Jersey this weekend..

    paterson has a great nightlife;) but hit up gelattis for some ice cream
  5. ladies and gentelmen,

    mr billy joel
  6. you can drop them off anywhere you want
  7. Growing Up Gotti Hairstyle

    that haircut is out of style
  8. how do you pronounce your name bald guy? kosta as in coast?
  9. need ID help

    thats the one bro, thanks
  10. my reputation

    go fight some kangaroos
  11. my reputation

    there's no room for anymore rep points!!! im off the fuckin scaleeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. is tiesto the new resident dj at joey's?
  13. Halloween costumes

    i'lll gargle some oil, i can be a Gargoyle
  14. Worlds Greatest Vitamin Feedback

    maaccccchhhhhooo maaaaaaaaaaaan raaaaandy saavage oooooooooooh yeaaaahhhhh brotherrrrr
  15. Multiple Trophy Winner For Sale

    nice car bro, i would've looked into it bvut i just got a mustang a couple of months ago