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  1. Financial Assistance!

    he he... Bling is amazing i luv him!
  2. Financial Assistance!

    This is just in case anyone would like to change their financial advisor or is looking for a good financial investment company. Please feel free to PM me! I have a great company working for me and they offer financial asset protection, 401K, Life and disability insurance etc... You never know when taking care of your assets might come in handy!
  3. Oh Shit watchout Koky!!!!

    OMFG I Died!!!!!
  4. Personally i love Moby and can't wait till he performs at Ultra. He's an amazing artist with a lot of talent and should be recognized as such. Also I heard that he's a sweety and shouldn't be bothered.
  5. What makes C.P. the mother of all boards? (your take)

    Exactly.... Thank you!!!!
  6. What makes C.P. the mother of all boards? (your take)

    I love CP BECAUSE... Its always there. You break up, you hook up, you live, you die,...you breathe...CP THERE ALWAYS! I love it. Being able to know that no one has to be there in a traditional sense, but there's still someone there... And of course because of BLING!!!! Bling a ling, the most amazing human you could ever have the pleasure of being in the same room with! A great, no UNBELEIVABLE PERSON and i LLLLOOOOVVVEEE HIM! anyways my bf Walter thinks CP Is a stupid chat room where you meet losers anyways!!!! Ok i think i made my reason, maybe i rambled on a bit... sorry!!! Ok then, enjoy everyone else's experience!!!!
  7. Wtf????!!!!

    OK OK OK!!... So Jessica Simpson is sooooo hot right?????????! I'm not a hater that gurl got some tremendas tetas, BBBUUT, Ashley,!!???? C'MON NOW!!!! WTF!?? I'm so sorry to offend if you like her and think she's dynomite, but...... she ain't fucking Jessica.....STOP SPOONFEEDING ME CHICKS WITH HUGE NOSES AND NO VOCAL SKILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean c'mon now Kelly Clarkson would tear Ashley a new one, not that i love Kelly, or hate her, but puhlease...! Now we have to deal with Nick having his own show too....???!!! WHY GOD????WHY???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] WTF???? IS IT REAL??? ARE WE DYING??? WILL I WAKE 2MORROW AND SEE A METEOR DESTROY EARTH???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf do you think?
  8. This bitch...

    See... no sarcastic tone or anything... i am soooo learning!
  9. This bitch...

    Well.. you can't really say much when you got a great ass like that...hey if you have a great ass you can be whatever you want. Phillipio... good job buddy! Wow Buddy great ass... i'm getting a little turned on here... I'm am not a hater!
  10. beer saves the day once again!

    hey you can also pee on yourself if a jelly fish stings you and it will help stop the sting from being so bad... they even used that little tidbit of info on friends...love that show!
  11. ladies, have you ever let your....

    i've never done it either...not that i wouldn't mind trying it with the man i love or something, i just haven't gotten around to doing it.
  12. Should i b punished!?????!!

    w/e. anyways tx for the replies i just needed to know how it looked from the outside....and if you couldnt GET what i was saying then ..........w/e
  13. No Mames!!!! (latinamerican cursing thread)

  14. No Mames!!!! (latinamerican cursing thread)

    hijo de la cien mil pares de la gran puta!!!! cingado mal parido!!!
  15. Should i b punished!?????!!

    ok so i am dating, no i'm sorry living with the man i love... mind you we were friends and his gilrfriend cheated on him with his roomate...(what a bitch!!!),i was his closest girl friend and then after the drama, we began to date. Two years later, his fucking roomate(a different one) gets me in a corner (while i'm fucking drunk), in his house, and tells me he's in love with me. ETC....(ETC... meaning he told me he other things i wish not to disclose, but VERY SICK PSYCHO SHIT!!!). Anyways, i tell him (my bf that is ) Not all the psycho shit but that that f------ ass disrespected me. This happnd thurs. Now last nite i'm chilln w/ my closest gilrfriend and her cousin ( a 20 yr old bobo ass little kid in love with some out of reach chick, that me and my guy have happnd 2 chill with on several occasions.) He calls me, and i tell him what i'm doin' now yea, my girl got calld in2 work 4 three hrs and i tell him we are chilln. HE FLIPS OUT!!!!!!!!!!! OK, OK, OK!!!! I KNOW I did wrong by chilln w/ some guy by myself after all this shit.... mind you i didn't think of this that way cuz i'm a nieve asshole, but all of a sudden he's saying he doesn't trust me or anything!!!!!! Ok again, i did do wrong, but damn he started saying crap like "oh yeah i know you like dit when my roomate told you all that shit". 1st of all i would NEVER have told him anything if i was cheatin...HELLO I'M A WOMAN....WOMEN KNOW HOW 2 CHEAT!!!!!!!!!! i wouldn'tve been so bobo as to do that....anywAys it comes down to this do i have to suffer 4 other peopls mistakes!!?????????? What the FUCK, HE SAYS HE CAN'T TRUST ME!!!!! how does this look what's goinzon?!