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    im not a fan of djs
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  1. Hello Might you share these sets of james Zabiela:

    365. James Zabiela - Excited (Main mix)

    368. James Zabiela - GrooveTech - September 12th

    370. James Zabiela - GrooveTech Radio 07/02/30 pt 1

    371. James Zabiela - GrooveTech Radio 07/02/30 pt 3

    answer me to leave my email I can share some set this excellent dj.

    thank you very much

  2. the mob is working hard for this event to be everything that you all want it to be. dynacord system is going to make this so memorable. get the fuck in
  3. Do you have your own personality? Are you tired of having no choice but to attend vain, pretentious and musically shallow parties on saturday nights? Are you sick of embittered, foreign and insecure club door hosts whose modeling careers plummeted in the 90s? Do you feel that you just might have better taste than most suckers in our great city? Are you tired of "Scenes"? Have you had enough of "Open Format"? Do you like to party hard and get treated right? If you've answered yes to at least one of the above questions, know you are not alone, and we are here to help.. We are SCENEWOLF, and we care.
  4. Media | PornoTube.com - Fuck Around
  5. I cant live without NCs

    then miami is your new home.... theyre here every month...
  6. I cant live without NCs

    i concur with ramon on this one
  7. How do you record?

    i bought a djm-800.... and i use it with ableton
  8. How do you record?

    iriver works fine for me.... i have an H10
  9. Happy birthday djcarlosf...

    thanks everyone!!!! see you this friday @ blue!!!!
  10. 05.19.06 | miami, florida

    ill be durr
  11. Rabbit on the Moon rocked @ the AAA

    lol...last night was fun...and ill leave it at that... james > the orb lol.... lesson of the night: dont do half assed efx while james is playing...
  12. Carlos F - 'Good Morning Miami' Mix

  13. its back

    1009.2 for now =(
  14. Carla & I would <3 to see you @ Shine this Sat 02-18-06

    loco.... me vas a ver el sabado!
  15. Carlos F - 'Good Morning Miami' Mix

    i knew that would be your fav track