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    FROM Westchester NY, just moved to LA...work & go to school at USC. LOVE TO DANCE!!! Miss the scene in NY!!
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    Hollywood, CA
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    Spirituality & Holistic health, dancing, learning, being inspired, the beach, LAUGHING
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  1. NYC rocked!!!! review inside!

    The NEW YORK club scene ROCKS!... I have only been in LA for three months, and it is kinda hard gettin used to the lights comin on at 2:00!!! Well, thats in the bars on Hollywood Blvd anyway!!! So who can recommend some hotspots to the Newbie? I like it dark and hard!!! Soundfactory was my home away from home a few years back and Ill forever be addicted to the drums!! Any cool after hours places around Hollywood Blvd????? I just wanna DANCE TO GOOD MUSIC!!!!!!!! I go to the Highlands a lot cause my boy works there,,,,,,but I need some good hard house, any suggestions? I am going back to NYC for the HOLIDAYS>>>>and I CAN"T WAIT!!! ..Its not so bad being a girl there with all those bouncers and waiting in line n stuff....but it def. gets like that some times...but its so worth if if your in the right places..anyway....NEone have any suggestions?? THANX!