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  1. Scot Project @ Avalon review

    if anyone can get a tracklist of all the songs he played that would be awesome
  2. Scot Project @ Avalon review

    damnnn hardest shit ever.. good set good set =) went crazy when i heard overdrive xP
  3. Scot Project @ Avalon, Sat 7/23

    finally a flier =)
  4. Why is the SF site still up?

    whats the url?
  5. sensation 2005 live sets

    when you unzip it, whats the password? =\
  6. Few questions from Australia... :)

    saw a vid of aussies doing something called the melbourne shuffle xP kinda interesting.. way differ style from USA..
  7. Johan Gielen at Avalon

    johan gielen is sick =) but i dunno.. avalon the club itself is so so for me..
  8. Farenheit 2.0 @ Webster Hall, Sun May 29

    yeah word was madd fun.. packed.. except the point where all these guys went onto the stage shirtless.. i didnt enjoy that part.. hahaha but yeah ATB played sum nice songs, haha awesome "one, two, one two three" accent too =)
  9. Poll: Your age

    damn no 18-'s huh =\ haha good to start young? xD
  10. Poll: Your age

    damn after the poll i feel like shit.. im way too young =\
  11. cosmic gate (a friend said CG @ webster hall 4/1/2005 was off the hook, too bad didnt get to go) and johan gielen still MAD young, need to club more by then i'll know more dj's and go crazier hopefully xP
  12. Some "housedancing" clips for ya to enjoy!

    i definitely agree with brianbb =) its about how you yourself feel with the music f- other people and f- what they think.. its what you enjoy that counts! was jus curious once again.. anyone have any stomping videos? i've never seen a stomping video online before so was only curious xD also new to the board.. so hey everyone xD
  13. Some "housedancing" clips for ya to enjoy!

    no stompin clips? =)
  14. Godskitchen - October, November & December

    is there a flier i can get for the event on the 28th? =)