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  1. July 3rd Im going to ...

    Oakenfold @ Crobar followed by friend's BBQ in the Bronx and 4th of July fireworks on the East River
  2. OK, adult film star : Jill Kelly, Asia Carerra, Paris Hilton Live PA Act: Oceanlab, Shapeshifters, The Streets, Sicssor Sisters
  3. Adult Film Star: Tobe Kai? Live PA Act: Basement Jaxx?
  4. talla or hard core trance??

    Are you the same guys that threw a party with Duvdev (from Infected Mushroom) and Junya from the UK in Long Island City last March? If so, then cool, I'd def. try to make it there and would appreciate any further details you can provide!
  5. I've put together this itinerary so far for the WMC, pretty much it's the three day Space pass the Wet Grooves party so far.... First the warmup in NYC (cause I live the NY metro area) 2/27 - Paul van Dyk @ Roxy 2/28 - Ferry Corsten @ Avalon (depending on how I feel after PVD! ) Then the WMC 3/5 - No plans yet for the nighttime - (not interested in seeing PVD @ space), anyone know of some other good house or trance parties? 3/6 - Daytime - no plans (would be at Ultra but I'm meeting a friend flying in from Arizona at 6PM at Fort Lauderdale airport) Nighttime - Deep Dish @ Space 3/7 - Daytime - no plans Nighttime - Tiesto & Sander @ Space 3/8 - Daytime - Wet Grooves w/ Judge Jules, Bad Boy Bill & George Acosta at the Shelbourne Nighttime - no plans yet 3/9 - Daytime - no plans Nighttime - Oakenfold @ Space 3/10 - Daytime - no plans (flying back at night) Anyone have any suggestions for parties to check out when I have nothing going on? Also, my friends and I were thinking of checking out a latin club while we're down there - any good places to keep in mind? Is the three day pass at Space a bad idea?
  6. oakie lays it down...

    My take on last night: Oakenfold was very good, not excellent but very good nonetheless. Was it worth $40?? - those who were there can judge for themselves. He did play about 2 1/2 hours from approx. 1 - 3:30 AM Some of the tunes included: Benny Bennasi - Satisfaction and the new Who will save Us Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (got the biggest crowd reaction of the night) Underworld - Dark and Long (Dark Train)! Glad to see that a classic from 1994 can sound just as fresh in 2003 along with..... Li Kwan - Point Zero (remix)! - can anyone provide info about this (for anyone who doesn't know what this tune is, the original is the 3rd tune on the Goa Mix) Underworld - Born Slippy (Oakenfold Remix) Ameoba Assassin - Piledriver (Grayed Out Remix) G Club - Guitarra G remix? (it used that same guitar sample) No Annie Lenox, Justin Timberlake or Madonna remixes... No Bunkka material... (although I listened to the CD both on the way there and on the way back) Paul had a set of recurring visuals going on during his set that included shots of NYC with some crawling text at the bottom about conversing the planet along with the person on the cover of the Southern Sun and Starry Eyed Surprise singles (UK) Yes Oakie did the Jesus Christ pose more times than I could count.... Regarding the other DJs - John Debo was good although the tribal/progressive house really isn't my cup of tea Eddie Bang was also pretty good as well - he got a good crowd reaction with his next to last tune before Oakenfold came on .. and then after Oakenfold's set - he spun a good set of prog. house that kept going from deep to trance-like Avalon was packed and the crowd on the dancefloor was very up for it. If it seemed weak, it was only because the floor was PACKED with very little room to really dance and move around. However, they did open up the entire club with the exception of the VIP areas at the top to help spread out the crowd. Though the crowd did get rowdy at times - two fights on the main floor - one involving a guy's face getting busted up big time by a beer bottle (unfort. I happened to be right near all this)
  7. Avalon Door Policy

    Thinking of going to see Oakenfold at Avalon tonight but I was told that they have a no-all-males allowed door policy - either you have to be really dressed up or have a girl with you to get in (wtf!?). Can anyone tell me if this is really true?