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  1. Uk clubber requires venue preferences..avalon?

    cheers for all your feedback guys and gals - its true newyorkers are a friendly bunch - and up for it , it would seem! It looks like the normal shopping in New york/ sight seeing weekend will be getting a little spiced up!! Avalon here i come!! Glad it serves some drinks as im not sure about anything else abroard.. As for just a girl - Gatecrasher will be ace - full on trance - paul van dyke and tiesto toppiing the bill - be sure to catch some of the other dj's as the residents rock - and the bugged out areana is where the more diverse crowd will be found - it will be a cracking time for ya - i just hope it stops raining. See you all in NYC Laters Mark
  2. Evening ladies and gents just dropped by the site and seen the goo vibes from the regulars. As a fellow clubber but from the uk, i would appreciate the low down from any1 who has a view on where to go and why in new york. - clubs and decent bars?? we are there from the 29th nov - 2nd dec - i know its thanks giving and ive missed oakenfold ive seen the pete tong and hybrid line up - looks good to me but what are the venues likes? - any better than the rest? any help would be appreciated - genrally up for any kinda party - apart from r'n'b - so stick with house - tech house - techno and trance hope to hear from any1 soon