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  1. avalon VIP pass

  2. avalon VIP pass

    Talk to you later Italian, I'll probably email, cause I usually dont go on the message board a lot.
  3. avalon VIP pass

    Italian I know the mangers of Avalon. And they hook me up with mad stuff. I went to private parties with Bruce Willis at Spider Club, Vivica A. Fox at Spirit, Tyson Bedford and G Unit at Suede, and PDiddy and mad other celebrities at Show. So I get the hook ups at most of all the places in the city. How can you not like Queens, I think its pretty ill. You should come to Show tonight, its gonna be crazy, its the biggest party on Thursday.
  4. avalon VIP pass

    Yeah Italian raincheck sounds good. Avalon is gonna be good on Saturday too and Spider Club wont be a problem. Also gonna go to B'Lo for a while before Avalon and Spider Club, cause I got free admisson to B'Lo. So let me know call my cell 646-294-4962
  5. avalon VIP pass

    I am from Woodhaven right by Forest Hills, I go to Queens College. You should try to make it for Friday Avalon is gonna be hot, and I can deffently get you into Spider Club. If you want come to Show nightclub tonight, its gonna be crazy, the inside of this place is so ill. I can get you in free too.
  6. avalon VIP pass

    Root I dont work there but I have a lot of connections. Avalon is gonna be hot on Friday. So if you wanna go to Spider Club let me know. Don't text message me call my cell 646-294-4962. Italian what part of Queens you from cause I live in Queens too. I can get you in for free and up to the Spider Club and you can go back and forth between Avalon and the Spider Club. Also Show nightclub is gonna be crazy tonight, you should come, if you want more info call my cell. PEACE
  7. avalon VIP pass

    I can get girls in no problem, hit me up
  8. avalon VIP pass

    If you wanna get into Spider Club and you got a lot of girls with you, hit me up 646-294-4962, you usually have to buy bottles, but I can get you in without buying bottles
  9. Tiesto Tickets

  10. Oakenfold tickets are starting at $35, I just checked online. I dont know how crowded it will be since its July 4th weekend. But if I was you, I wouldnt miss Tiesto. You got a large group, so I doubt I would be able to get you in, but if you wanna meet up in front of Avalon I can see if I can get you a head on line or something like that. PEACE
  11. The balconies have table, but there is a bottle requirement of 4 people for every bottle. The Spider Club is more exlcusive more celebrities, and a lot of models. I think that Bruce Willis will be up there, cause he owns the place, and its gonna be a huge night with Tiesto there. How many girls/guys, let me know, I can see what I can do.
  12. To get to the Spider Club you go on the second floor, directly across from the second floor bar, and there is a stair case right there, and its two sets of stairs up. Or you can get there from the hip hop room, its the stair case by the hip hop bathrooms. Also theres a Spider Club VIP entrance, so you dont have to wait on that crazy long line. If any hot girls wanna get up to Spider Club, let me know.
  13. The Spider Club is the exclusive VIP area on the top of Avalon. You need a special Avalon VIP Card or have to purchase a minium of 2 bottles to get in. Its where all the celebrities, models, and music people hangout. Its also owned by Bruce Willis. Tiesto is also performing up in the Spider Room as well as on the main floor, so that the VIP's can listen to him downstairs and in the Spider Club where it will be less crowded. They are expecting a huge turn out. Thats why the Spider Club is gonna be hot. You can go back and forth.