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  1. Pcp

    Anyone got any experience with PCP? Just wanted to hear some opinions cuz ive been lookin for some but havent decided whether or not to try it if i find any.
  2. belladona

    Whats up ya'll. I just ordered a bunch of Belladona root and wanted to eat some of it and see what it does. Ive heard its pretty poisonous so i wanted to know if anyone else has tried it and if so how much i should eat and not die. Thanx.
  3. Hey i just ordered a bunch of dried amanita muscaria mushrooms and i ate them the other day and ended up eating around 15 grams before i felt anything and even then it was just a mild high. I've read some cool stories about people tripping on this kind of mushroom and thought they'd be a little more potent. I was wondering if anyone else has tried them and what you think about them if you have. thanx.