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  1. Phuture Event moved to Space

    I prefer my money back...
  2. Roger Sanchez @ Space - Thursday March 24th

    P.S. going to tiesto is a waste of valuable time
  3. Steve Lawler : Lights Out Miami : 2005

    Richlin...trust me if your life depended on it, that lawler is the party to be at, you'll be there until the last song is played aka the bombdogs treatment that lawler gives to miami everytime he comes down
  4. Roger Sanchez @ Space - Thursday March 24th

    Roger is definitely a guy to check out on the patio at space...ESPECIALLY...after last years performance that he made me stay till' the fucking end!
  5. Prediction: Best Parties of 2005?!

    Mon - Nocturnal Tues - Space Wends - State Thurs - Spin Friday - Nikki beach Radio 1 Sat - Ultra, AAA, Space afterhours. and that mixes the best of everything for the week
  6. Happy Birthday Mursa...

  7. Post Hot Pics from Previous WMC!

    Space the night of Tiesto and SK on the terrace
  8. Well if they do the same as last year if I'm not mistaking the name of the party was KREMLIN at space... good dutch dj's under tiesto's label
  9. Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, James Zabiela, Steve Lawler... definite in my book
  10. yeah that's true i have heard a lot of dudes named sven around here
  11. Yessssssssssssssssssss Sven The God Vathhhhhhhhhhh
  12. Sander K @ Space ROLLL CALLL!!!!

    then expect my appearance mr tony
  13. Sander K @ Space ROLLL CALLL!!!!

    hell yeah man it was lovely last time around he's more of a patio kinda guy
  14. Sander K @ Space ROLLL CALLL!!!!

    this is going to be lovely... one of the few dj's that just never dissapoints me... is he going to be afterhours again or what?! what's the haps with that!!!