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  1. Thanks, I already got this question answered...
  2. Song ID

    I don't remember the exact name of the song, but I DO know it's on the "Save the Last Dance" soundtrack.
  3. 18+ NY clubs?

    Is Avalon 18+ *every* night? And would you happen to know how much admission is? Thanks so much!!!
  4. 18+ NY clubs?

    Hey everyone. Me and my best friend are planning on being in NY between Dec 29 and Jan 3 (we're from CA) for vacation, and we were just wondering if you all had any reccomendations for good 18+ clubs? (I'm 20 and she's 18.) Ones that are open on Mondays would be especially good, as we have lots to see and do all week. We're just trying to cram in as much fun as we can. UPDATE 11/28: Okay, so I've learned Avalon is one of my best bets and that it's 18+ seven nights a week. Anybody know what time they open and how much it is to get it? (Ditto for Arc.) Thanks again!