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  1. I don't like this guy very much

    I do like his name on the door in case he forgets who he is and even funnier the fact that he has put copyright text on his pictures, as if someone might want to steal them, ha ha
  2. Remember the late 90s when the skirts were shorter and the boots where higher, damn I do miss those days. Time for a revival!!
  3. Where are all the nice sluts?

    ah, is that where i´ve been going wrong. ok ærÆœ‚œ Actually I can find the damn semi-colon on this foreign keyboard!!
  4. I don't like this guy very much

    Just for girls who love pizza
  5. Where are all the nice sluts?

    Please help me out, I´ve been trying for years to find a raunchy girls to write dirty too, but unless I´m really shit at it, no girls seem to be up for it. Everyone else seem to get some so why cant I. I got a magnificent rod, huge and the girls I met dont seem to not be into that either, Too huge, Am I just unlucky?? I seem to look ok as I have no problem in getting girls but I seem to attract goodie too shoes girls, not the ones willing to get deep down and dirty, are there any?? My sexual appitite is huge but unsatisfied. I have a great imagination and can think a porn situation easy, almost naturally. So come on girl brighten up my otherwise boring life and prove that the are girls out there with some sexual appitite. Or reply to slag me off if you prefer. No under 18, just adults! [email protected] PS. I share a flat with 3 other guys if you real dirty!!