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  1. what are some good clubs in rome italy

    ciao! i live in rome. hit me up when you are here and i will put u on guest list to some of the best clubs here. italians are all about the house, but the americans are not. best clubs to hit are akab-trible music goa-sat. night house, electro thurs and suns. radio londra-house (gay party) qube-crazy house, 3 floors (best gay party in all of rome) cantel estillo- live music, house (pick up bar) la mezzone- chill house (wed. nights free) alien is for little kids-alright house
  2. question for Glow crew

    when will glow reopen and where? i miss trance too.
  3. Italia

    Akab if your looking for good house and a good looking crowd. Alien if your looking for hard house, and a young crowd. La Terraza if your looking for a small but kickin club. Goa if your looking for a diva crowd but its hard to get into, you have to look the part to get in or know someone. In Florence try Circolo, biggest club there. :)