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  1. Why don't we all buy it? I'll grab 51%
  2. How long will Crobar be open for AVB???

    haha, tell me about it. Painfully obvious. I saw 4 people get arrested last night. 2 of which were hauled away...the others were released. I had 6 different people come up to me asking for shit. I must have looked like a walking pharmacy. I'd have to say 5 of the 6 were cops. I left there at 5:30...damn good show...but AVB didnt play much of the euphoric shit that I hear on his albums and live sets. Is it a NYC style? Do I really have to travel to Ibitha to hear that style? Still a kickass set...was just expecting it to be alittle less hard trance.
  3. Trance Lounge Suggestions?

    That's unfortunate. Any places you guys can think of with a cool vibe?
  4. Trance Lounge Suggestions?

    So this is unheard of in NYC?
  5. Looking for a relaxed vibe tonight....something along the lines of a lounge playing AVB-esce...ect Any recommendations?
  6. Likes: Awesome tracklist Great crowd Excellent energy Laser / Lights FTW Liked the outdoor setup and the weather was perfect Mixed For An Angel into closer - Time of Our Lives then encore track from future album. Dislikes Didn't sound loud enough 10:08pm ending time Didn't have typical PVD feel. Overall, a kickass show with some great music by a fantastic artist. 8/10 pics otw
  7. I've already met him once before. He did a promo with my agency. If i see a member of his staff that i know there I might be able to do something if you really want to meet him.
  8. You will be frisked before you go in. Almost certain. Just go there buzzed. I know they sell beer.
  9. Question for the community.

    I didnt say i'd be going to these parties. lol Not my style. Research was for a client of ours.
  10. Question for the community.

    ok. I'm not into it either..hence the question.
  11. Question for the community.

    Thanks for taking my post off topic. Well judging from your little avatar pic you look as much the dickhead as your response reveals. Why bother responding if you cannot answer the question? Stop trolling and grow up. I'm looking for hip hop venues..not trance venues...why is it so hard to grasp such a simple concept? Does your reading comprehension suffer as much as your dating schedule? hahahah!! -Ok so im going to say its safe to assume that clubplanet has nothing to do with hiphop? I'm ok with this..just looking for some info.
  12. Hey all, I'm doing some research into Hip Hop night clubs in and around NYC...this is sorta problem for me since I typically just listen trance and rock. Any suggestions? Someone told me SPEED was a good venue. Looking for underground semi-commercial and backpack spots. If allowed, answers will be awarded with hawt chix pics. (trying to find rules) thx
  13. Live DJ Sets

    pfft...why buy from you when we can download for free. foolish pig
  14. Ok...this looks promising...im going next week and im bringing friends.