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  1. I am new to the LA area any just wondering if there any pool parties. going on this weekend i will have some friends in from back home (NJ) What other events are going on this weekend?
  2. my car stero starts at 87.9 wtf
  3. Monday night???

    I was looking for something to do tongiht but nothing to big. Some one said something about Doc's but I have not seen or heard anything. Did any one else here anything about this or is there anything else going on tongiht around here
  4. Will you pick me and my crew up in jersey????
  5. I see peopel g' out all the time, not just JP parties just seems it gets talked about more at a JP party so not sure why you all trashin them. happens at crobar just as much as did a spirit of SF
  6. Well I am in Japan for 3 more weeks for work. I am located in Kobe, so far in the first week I really did not see anything but I also don't speak jap so I have not idea how to ask. Any one know any hot spots, I would like to get to tokoyo but it a far ride and not sure if Iwill have enough time off work to make it.
  7. I just wanna say 1 thing.

    or will go as a pre party to going to city, enjoyed my self was deff a good time, then after I just headed to crobar
  8. Tempts Closing Party Video is up....

    Yea saw you there also, funny how I did not see you at all that night. If your computer still not workin you can take a short drive to my house and watch it... Wow I wanna go back, that night was increadable, no other way to discribe it.
  9. This should be good, I actully was in same house as these girl one week in july but I was not there the night they were in town, my lil bro and his frineds were. will be funny to see how this turns out since we all know MTV cuts and paste to make it how they want it to look
  10. I'll be there for sure yeah Jonnnyyyy and unless they arresting for red bull now I will have no problems people try to leave the G at home
  11. no haha, damm I need to start saving $ then nights like this come along oh well will always be in debt so might as well enjoy life