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  1. Death penalty for John Mohammed

    most serial killers are not black. but yet the represent the largest amount offear in a state. Now we can finally say "hey! we have a serial killer of are own!". ha! I hear the GREEN RIVER MURDER is pleading "insane" now there is a good one. and they still are counting th people he "thinks' he has killed.
  2. Death penalty for John Mohammed

    why we still hate that word "nigga" especially used by other that are not overtly black in decent. are we going to bring the trials fo all the S&L fucks who are killing Senior citizens with al the money that was "laundered" No! and they will serve a nice plush sentence in a Federal prison made just for "Thier" kind. Not general population. Justice can only be just when are are determined to be equal and get equal treatment. "Fuck Charles Mason! They should kill has ICON-ish ass If he were black would be saying that? no cause he would be dead. What let me guess 200 years of mental abuse counts for nothing when your attempting to make better of yourself and the : system" won't allow but some many of you/us to"make it" and history documents that they have fucked us over. But that is alright cause you now have affirmative action. No they took that away too! When will it be my turn cause I am not standing with my hand out for a hand out. let make an island and put them all there. yeah. and let them have a fight to see who is the top dog and take away the rights of the weak. Strongest survive! whatever. at the rate we are starting to sound like a prison state or new world order. wake up