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  1. you ever hide something...

    i have the funniest story concerning this topic... one day my boyfriend and i were really in the mood to smoke, and i knew i had some herb stashed somewhere in my apt. i searched and searched, and happened to come across the most random thing.. there was a big chunk of herb just lying on the living floor underneath my tv stand. i wasn't sure if someone had found my stash and dropped it there or what, but at rate, my bf and i smoked it (yea, pretty gross, as i have no idea where that weed's been, but at the time we were desperate). so a couple weeks later i move out of my apt, and as im going through my stuff, i see the stash that i thought i had already smoked with my bf.. needless to say, it was a surprise. a mixture of pleasant surprise and curiosity as to where the hell the stuff we smoked a couple weeks before had come from.
  2. Foxy anyone?

    a really good way to take this stuff without having to endure the horrible taste is to put it in an empty capsule. they sell them at gnc or most other vitamin/health supplement stores. all the times i've tripped on foxy have been in this way. if it happens to be in liquid form, mix it with a shot of hard liquor, and you won't taste it as much. and drink alot of orange juice afterward. i heard that that minimizes the taste somewhat. for me, this substance is incredibly aurally stimulating. music sounds amazing- like honey flowing through my brain. it is also something of an aphrodisiac, hence the nickname "foxy".. in low doses (6-8 mg?), many people use it to enhance sex. at higher doses (12-18 mg) it acts more as a hallucinogen. try www.erowid.org and looking under "5-meo-dipt" for more info and trip reports.
  3. not sex related

    perfect, balmy, breezy summer nights.. there's nothing sexier.. except a thunderstorm on a summer night...
  4. Coming Down

    you know, a comedown on yay has never been a problem for me at all. and i never have trouble going to sleep or anything. now, with x, that's a whoooole different story. the day after some good pills... the WORST feeling ever. it's interesting how different people have such different reactions to different substances.
  5. places and drugs

    oh yeah, how could i forget... smoked a joint with my boyfriend right across the street from the police precinct in coney island at like 2 am...
  6. places and drugs

    on many a different highways (smoking up is a must when driving long distances) in various different states, panera parking lot, on fire escape at my old house (this was a favorite place to toke up).. hmm i guess these places are not that weird.. i exert care and self-control when i'm in highly risky/high volume of people areas. my all time favorite place to do anything however, is the beach. (esp. coney island to trip... what a surreal place)
  7. christina milian

    i agree
  8. hiromi oshima

    she was born in japan and currently lives in miami. she definitely looks like she was born and raised in the states tho.
  9. ladies, do you all like men....

    not at all
  10. ladies, do any of you....

    this must have something to do with the male brain's fascination with anything underage/female/sex
  11. Stud

    that was cute. he's a little too beefy... if he was just slightly slimmer but with the same shape and muscle tone, he would be perfect. i'll definitely have to pass on the face tho. too dumb looking.
  12. Where is Britney Spears?

    what the hell happened to lindsay lohan? you could tell her metabolism was starting to slow down in mean girls, but she's really starting to look like she needs to invest in a personal trainer. however, her face is still very pretty, and i LOVE redheads. as for britney.... all i can say is, the girl apparently puts other things besides cheetos, red bull, and marlboro lights in her mouth...
  13. hiromi oshima

    yeah i see what you mean.. she has an incredibly small waist/midsection (minus the breasts, of course). her measurements are 34-22-34. but i'm pretty sure she is not surgically enhanced in any way. many asian girls are just very petite, and because her breasts are so large, it makes her waist/ribcage look even smaller in comparison. anyways, here are some more pics.. enjoy
  14. what makes a person an addict?

    addiction is when you're plunged into the deepest depths of self-hatred. you've gone past the point of having a love/hate relationship. whatever your fix is, you know it's ruining your life and the lives of those who care for you, yet you continue to do it because you don't even know yourself anymore. it's when something has complete control over you. i've known people who have been there, been to rehab, and back. it's complete hell, and i give anyone who has been able to conquer addiction my respect.
  15. hiromi oshima

    i am 99.9% sure they are natural. if not, that is one HELL of a surgeon... better than the one that fixed up brooke burke.