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  1. Club, Party & Rave Goers/Producers/DJs in MD/DC areas!!

    I understand the feeling of too many messageboards. However, we're looking for people that will also connect with us out and about in Baltimore. We have regularly scheduled meets and gatherings, parties, training sessions, & dj practice sessions www.groups.yahoo.com/group/BMoreSB thanks Brad
  2. Baltimore Stormin' Brainz is a collective of local Producers, DJs, Emcees, Artists, Venue Representatives, Collaborators & Motivators feelin' the new, fresh emergence of the '2004 Baltimore Electronica and Turntablism Movement' I am building a messageboard/email list for alot of creators in the area, whether you are the talent, or you are a partygoer, we're trying to gather a tight-knit group. We want to form a crew where when you go out, you know the peoples; when you spin you have a following; when you produce a party, everyone knows about it. You can do different stuff on there.. post any shows you're doing, or info about you. you can upload graphic fliers or music mp3 demos, you can take polls, and you'll get info on other people collaborating in the area. To Join, goto: www.groups.yahoo.com/group/BmoreSB or email: [email protected] Thanks Brad www.EntertainmentNexus.com