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  1. One of the greatest mysteries of the modern world.
  2. Cool hat, but I think you should stick to your old but proven style.
  3. >>The DEAR DIARY Thread

    They don't deserve to die. Clowns bring joy to the world. Specifically to disabled children. If you're not going to do it for the clowns, at least do it for the children. Stop posting useless blogs! Children need clowns!
  4. >>The DEAR DIARY Thread

    For Pete's sake... stop killing the clowns!!!
  5. anyone know the secret to the rubix cube?

    Get yourself a hammer and give it a good wack. Some of the pieces should come flying out. Then finish removing all the cubes and then start piecing it together. Presto! Label yourself a genius and impress the ladies with your intelligence.
  6. ENOUGH.....time for a BASH BRITTNEY thread

    Brittney is overrated. She isn't that pretty nor is she talented.