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  1. Undergound Network

    Louie Vega.. David Morales.. Club Deep - Wednesday 28th January... Anyone know the deal on this??? Almost died and gone to heaven..
  2. what are the yayo prices in your area

    I'll see if I can give you a comparison in a couple of weeks when I've been to NYC and back again...
  3. what are the yayo prices in your area

    There's always Amsterdam an hour away.. Good for night out..
  4. MDA vs. MDMA

    Just be wary who you give it to.. not everyone likes the effects of MDA (me included) and I've seen people still tripping nearly 12 hours afterwards and getting scared.
  5. Other names for Coke aka blow aka..

    Nose candy, charlie, cecil, snow, powder, lines ...
  6. what are the yayo prices in your area

    About $75 for a g of coke.. And that's cheap!
  7. Crystal Meth

    There's an article in Mixmag over here basically annoucing they reckon it's going to be the next big thing. According to their description is it sort of the speed equivalent to crack v coke???
  8. Who's Been To Ibiza? Need Some Advice

    Heh heh.. you forgot that last year.. at 4pm Tuesday Garlands opened at Pin Up .. and went on until 6am.. (or you could head over to Miss Moneypenny's at El Divino at midnight until 7am..) followed by Space until 4pm.. when Soul Heaven opened at Pin Up again at 4pm with a BBQ - again until the morning.. followed by Space again... So that pretty much makes it from Saturday until Thursday afternoon.. How much stamina have you got!! LOL
  9. Everything you need to know about E

    Thanks for the article - most of which I knew about anyway.. but the info on the imodium was particularly useful for me. I've not heard of this before and it has always been a problem.
  10. Ghb

    Caners' r us Hmm .. then I have friends who think a good weekend consists of alcohol, speed, e, lsd, ghb, poppers with a goodly amount of coke for added pleasure. But they scare me a touch! Their latest concoction is lsd and geebee.
  11. Ghb

    Sorry wouldn't know - it's not my poison!
  12. new ecstasy report

    It seems as though most people get bored of XTC after a few years and either move on to something else or give up the scene anyway. There are not that many people who keep going for 10 years - I know some, but its def the minority.
  13. Crystal Meth

    Ah! Thanks. Nowt to get that excited about then. Ah well!
  14. anyone ever do heroin?

    I had a cousin die from it too.. yet there is still the possibility to use, enjoy and walk away. Depends on you, your will power and the respect you give whatever you take. Wouldn't touch it with a bargepole though. But that's probably more down to the fact that I prefer stimulants and don't fancy it!
  15. new ecstasy report

    Did someone say something?...