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  1. JETS signed Quincy Carter

    Free crackpipes with every jets ticket purchase this fall!
  2. i am gonna kill myself
  3. Friday Fu's

    FU to this job, and the work this is piling up on my desk cause i just dont feel like doing it.
  4. Shyne

    damn it, i must find this cd immediately lol
  5. Another Thread For My Boy Jerry X!!!

    sure whats one more thread! lol
  6. Heat vs NETS..1st game of the season

    ive already doused my nets jerseys in gasoline and set them on fire, i give up on them.
  7. nas song id

    I heard this nas song on hot 97 a bunch of times. The hook has a female saying no one loves me like you do, or something along those lines. Any clue what song it might be?
  8. Attn: Mets fans

    LOL i gave up after 2000
  9. This board gave

    probably majority are sleeping at their desks. I am one of them.
  10. Name a porn star

    Mike Hunt Hung So Lo
  11. Friday FU's

    A big Fu goes to the wedding I have to go to tonight. A bigger FU goes to Kenyon Martin for leaving the Nets. Now they have gone to shit
  12. 2004 Unity Jam - Anybody ready?

    Cant wait!! See you poolside tomorrow Prime lol
  13. so its hump day

    So its hump day, and im ready to tell this job to fuck off.