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  1. Drty Jrzy Electrocrunk!

    don't front... peep our shit... nj be rippin it! DRTY JRZY ELECTROCRUNK! www.myspace.com/shanefontane New Songs. New Look.
  2. Hawtin

    bought my tickets ... will be there with a stupid fat grin on my face
  3. Reppin' NJ BiAtches!!!

    so, like it or not... fuckin NJ represent... here is some NJ Electro-Crunk shit to knod that head too, or maybe dress up funny too, or possibly just bust a move too...lol just check it out when you get a chance and rep your home state with love... drop by myspace and peep the new song "Drty Jrzy" www.myspace.com/shanefontane hope y'all enjoy -shane
  4. word... free beats?

    hey everyone... im making room on myspace for my new song, "drty jrzy" and i wanted to let you all know that you can download "get out" for free - which has been featured on "fever" by marcos carnaval released in latin america by universal... hope you enjoy... thanks for everyone's support -shane www.myspace.com/shanefontane
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  6. do people go clubbing by themselves??

    whenever everyone is busy or not down for the mission... ill go by myself to nyc or jersey parties by myself... im not missin some dope beats if i wanna check out the DJ...
  7. well, i don'y know if that sounds like a great idea... lol - and, maybe i didn't make myself too clear by my suggestion or question... i basically commented on why open up just "another" club? if all the clubs play the same music and serve the same drinks at relatively the same price, the only advantage they have is location ie the amount of the market size in their hood to draw upon cash income from. my point was asking, why have we seen very little, if any, pioneering investors? i mean, you hear about people investing in talent all the time, but not into DJs/producers - why is that? Notice I said /producers, not just a DJ. obviously - cause DJing is a very difficult market to prove uniqe in considering the vast amount of the DJ's time is focused on playing other people's "hits." And, why is it people automatically think of trance and techno? I mean, I have been listening to electronic music for quite a long time and I have a vast appreciation for many styles and trance being way at the bottom of the list. There is plenty of genres to choose from to mix and mash up into a "party." Just as there are plenty of hip-hop genres to mash up for a good time ie you never just hear a set of crunk or just a set of gangster shit. The Hip-Hop DJs blend all styles of Hip-Hop including reggatone, thug shit, pop shit, bass beats, east coast, west coast, etc... Why must a "dance party" just be house music all night long? Why is it so difficult to get these types of "music" concious venues up and running? Well, to each their own, but my personal belief is that we have an American EGO which creates very tall walls for such music to hurdle. I believe that if the song does not contain english speaking vocals to tell the listener in their own laguage what to feel about the song, the avergae American listener chooses that the song is not "good" because it requires too much effort on their part to be an "active" listener to participate and create their own story. This comment can be supported by looking over seas where language in music can be considered a barrier to entry due to the vast amounts of countries/languages bundled together. It may be more difficult to sell vocal music because someon who understands German may not understand Spanish vs Italian vs Dutch, etc... Thus creating more of a demand for MUSIC and not Vocal Pop Music (and yes, I know - their is a British Pop scene which is doing well). Is it true that we live in a country where everything needs to be spoon fed for us to digest it - be it art, fashion, food or music. Is it this sort of thinking that stifles creativity and change? So, we may find it difficult to stomach "music" only because we are too lazy to participate in the "eating" of music and rather prefer someone else feed it to us. And if this is the case, I am just amazed by how often I will hear an argument - which is "better" - some angry hip-hop song pretending to be about pimping vs the wonderful melody and bass line of a song that progressess into an explosive positive time. You tell me where you rather be - pretending to be something your not by shouting pimp lyrics in the suburbs or dancing to music having a great time?
  8. is it possible to build a scene? to build a brand and a DJ? it's not the same business model as running a night club as this model is based on building new brands and breaking talent as opposed to leveraging others brands and offering familiarity. The break new brands/talent model is more closely related to the Limelight and Keoki or others that have created "coolness" of their own. Granted, we all know that these specific businesses have had very deep pockets to perpetuate them through the early downside of starting up and the early over spend on marketing to aquire patrons quicker, but - it is possible in NJ if someone was able to afford such a model, no?
  9. im always down to check out something new... but, for me - it would have to more then just 4 house deejays or 2 house dee jays and 2 tribal dee jays, etc... i would like to see 1/2 hour or 45 minute sets of: 1 - electro/indie rock dj 1 - mash up dj 1 - new wave/ new house dj 1 - dub/trip hop/miami bass dj and maybe a performance from some band - electronic or not i dunno... thats what would pull me out... different shit... for me - it couldnt be just a bunch of djs spinning the same records or style unless they each did a whole lot more then just faded between beats, otherwise it's all the same then... i wanna see djs challenge and try new things... mix new shit... create a new vibe... etc... maybe get their head shaved while mixing? lol i dunno - entertain me man...lol
  10. I agree... So, where are the producers in Jersey who are not concerned about sounding like other records? surely there has to be a few producers who just write some bangin beats with no care of sounding like the latest hit song, no? i mean, all the popular names that ring a bell have their own sound. where would they be today if they sounded like someone else? where would music be if these people decided to sound like everyone else? wow... i can't believe that we don't have producers in-state who can sound like their own "band" instead of others, right? where are you guys?
  11. HAHAHA... nicely put... i think? lol
  12. well, wouldn't we if everyone had the chance to do their thing here via support form their home town instead of moving out? lol what's our problem... seriously... it's so strange how much jersey has to live in the shadow of another state... why? maybe we don't accept our sound? maye it's hiding amongst all these DJs and we just don't know it? Do we not have any producers in our state? Where are all of our producers? What are they writing, releasing, etc? Anyone out there?
  13. This is another good point.. sure, sometimes you wanna go to a "party" and do the party thing, but where is the opportunity to enjoy new and fresh tunes or artists? There are plenty of places in all major cities across the globe that are not packed, but have their regulars dropping by to see whats poppin... and sooner or later the word spreads and it turns into a standing room only and then that fizzles and the next fresh idea begins... where is that fresh idea in NJ? Does anyone have any suggestion of something NEW poppin around our state?
  14. very true... a scene is more then just a DJ and a dance floor... it def includes local college students creating sick fashion, film students pushing their latest and greatest, local folks with $$$ dropping by to schmooze up the upcoming producer, the artist from the beach with sick sculptures, the young kid who just bought a G5 and Logic to make beats who wants to pass out his promo CD, or the performing artist from a nearby university who would love to stand naked painted green holding a bowl of fruit for some reason...