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  1. Funny New Movie!!

    I'm sorry, I didn't know a piss meant funny. But yes, indeed it is a piss. Hahahaha!!!
  2. Funny New Movie!!

    Maybe this movie doesn't appeal to you but it appeals to the target audience. You have to like slapstick comedy to appreciate a movie like this.
  3. Funny New Movie!!

    If you liked Old School and Road Trip, then you will for sure like this new movie coming out called Eurotrip. All three of these movies were produced by the same people. I checked out this trailer and it is so funny. I was laughing so hard. You've got to check it out. http://www.dreamworks.com/trailers/eurotrip/eurotrip_trlr_wm_150.asx
  4. *the simple life*

    This show is gonna rock! If you like Paris and Nicole, you'll laugh and if you hate them, you'll still laugh, so you might as well just watch it. Check this out: http://www.buzztone.com/simplelife/