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  1. Following the summer's most exciting musical event, Daft Punk at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn, SunnysideUp invites you to keep going at an afterparty at Pi Square, which is a short walk from Keyspan Park. House Music will be provided by NYC mainstays Chris Luzz, Tae Soul & Justin R, who have all been rocking NYC's best rooms for years. 10:00PM - Late | $5 | 18+ | No Dress Code Idiot Proof Directions - 1 Minute Away!
  2. Where are the underground spots @?

    ZOMGS!!! If those pic galleries are the hottest thing in underground NYC nightlife, we're in WAY more trouble than we all thought!
  3. STFU Oooooooolongooooooooo. Steve Porter plays way housier than Digweed, IMHO. I've only heard Boris a couple of times but it was that monotonous wall of NYC big room tribal you can hear in most any room at any time around the city, I give him respect for what he's accomplished as a DJ in NY but he has nowhere near the sound range or global experience of Richie Hawtin or Adam Beyer. Richie's been doing the minimal thing for a while now but has run the gamut of all things techno over the past 15 years, and is a global dance music icon that helped bring th culture and music out of the warehouses and into the clubs. Boris and he really cannot be compared - like I said I can respect Boris for what he has accomplished in NYC, but sonically or otherwise, not much of a comparison to be made there, IMHO. If you like Richie Hawtin you might like Micromini, Camea, Bill Patrick or Dennis Rodgers. If you like Adam Beyer you might like JCG. If you like Sandy Riveira you might like Stadenco. If you like Danny Tenglia you might like Derek Plaislaiko - definitely from totally different schools of sound, bu both are DJs that can go any which way at any time and impress the fuck out of any audience. Derek and Dennis Rodgers are my fave DJs in NY. If you like Derrick Carter, you might like Craig Dubs, Stankdubz, Allen Key or Sleepy & Boo. If you like Switch or Jesse Rose, you might like DJ Fame or me.
  4. James Zabiela @ Pacha Friday Feb 17th

    Only about 1/2 the time it seems... but I really do like some of the bookings they are doing and I hope they maintian a nice, diverse body of artists in there.
  5. In the basement, look out for: Sleepy & Boo Eric Martinez Kenneth L Kane Juan Stadenco & me

    nice one dood!
  7. Hello clubplanet, My name is Justin R - I am a local DJ here in NCY and I just started putting up some of my events in the promo section of the board. Just wanted to say what's up, and give you guys a heads up that I have a mix airing on proton in case anyone wants to check it out. It's on John Do & Justin Gourley's show "Basic Frequencies" tomorrow, Friday Sept. 16 at 3:00 PM EST. It's 60 mins of smooth, lush deepeness. John & Justin, two wicked DJs from the Basic LA camp, will have some auditory joy prepared for y'all as well. Basic Frequencies on Proton Radio My t/l: Da Sunlounge “Oh Momma†Good Family Recordings Satoshi Fumi “Do It The Music†Italic Deep House Soldiers “In My Bag†Lowdown Loco Dice “Menina Brasileira†Ovum Jay Tripwire pres. Dr. Buggery & his 3 Legged Horse “I Am Mentally Divergent†Active Pass Nima Gorji “Determination†Out of Orbit Special Interest “Bustin’ Loose†Mobile Trax Natural Rhythm “Bumpin’ Downtown†Blockhead Tosca “Heidi Bruehl†(Swag’s Warehouse Workout) !K7 Swag “My Friend†Version Moby “Dream About Me†(Booka Shade Remix) Mute Phonogenic v. Freestyle Man “Air Moves†(Freestyle Man Discotronix Mix) Mood Music Ltd. W/ Prince “When the Doves Cry†Warner Brothers Please tune in & I would love your comments on the mix if you do listen. Thanks, Justin
  8. Paul Louth

    Is joining us at Sullivan Room this Friday (3/19) for all interested! he's a sick funky/tech house DJ from London. Check it out!
  9. Paul Louth

    Hey Philly, If anyone's interested in booking Paul Louth for a date between 3/15 and 3/18, e-mail [email protected] ALso if you can think of anyone I should contact about this, please do tell
  10. Paul Louth Coming to NYC!

    Just so y'all know Louth has been confirmed and will be appearing at Sullivan Room 3/19. For full details shoot me an e-mail/AIM.
  11. Paul Louth Coming to NYC!

    I'm putting this together - any of you fools know of a promoter/venue in DC that might want to put him on sometime btwn. March 14 - March 19? Please AIM me at spinninthatwax or e-mail [email protected]
  12. What is house music??

    Voelke's right, as is silverbull. House is 4 on the floor electronic dance music than, in some of it forms, contains more organic intrumentation than typically heard in trance (which is generally faster) or techno (which is, generally again, a more industrial based music that derives its strength from repeated rhythms). But of course there is house, tech house, techno house, funky house, disco house, deep house, soulful house blahdiddy fuckin' blah. There's also many tracks which some would call progressive house, others deep trance, some that could be tech house or minimal techno. There is no real definition other than that it is 4X4 EDM invented (more or less) by brothers from Chicago (Marshall Jefferson, Frankie Knuckels, Jesse Saunders) while folks in NYC (Lerry Levan and others) were developing a similar music which came to be called garage. Both of these are (like it or not) outgrowths of disco incoporating more synthesized, modern recording technology.