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  1. Hey all, So my friend just got an apprenticeship at a tattoo shop and wants to practice on me. It basically means I'm getting a free tattoo. Pretty gassed. So anyway, I've been kicking around some ideas in my head and I was considering getting an be yourself-related tattoo. I was thinking about the sign of the guy crying that hung outside of the entrance, but i can't find any pictures of it anywhere. does anyone have one, or of any other vinyl-related thingies? i really have no idea what that would entail outside of the crying face. If anyone could help me out, i could give you a bag of popcorn for your troubles. that's how much i'd appreciate it.
  2. Really was such a damn good night. i got there about 2, parked on 30th and it sucked, because we got stuck in a 8a.m.-7p.m. spot so we knew we had to leave a bit early. Walked around to check the place out, saw alot of old people, including the kids i first went to factory with. Hit the dancefloor at about 2:45, and he really was spinning in ways i didn't think possible. Reminded me of vinyl's closing party. It was nice dancing all night, even though the same people were in the circles all night. it was GREAT GREAT GREAT seeing my man gabe. At around 4, it got insane. Everyone really seemed to be feeling him, and it looked like everyone was there for the right reasons. Hearing Need to Be Loved, Nothing is Real, You're Not Alone, and CAVEMEN! really put a smile on my face and had the place going. When he teased Finally over that breakbeat, i think i pissed myself. After that point the place was moving, i was so exhausted but kept moving anyway. I was so into the whole evening that it really reminded me of Be Yourself at Vinyl and i was really depressed about that when i left. I stayed untill about 15 minutes after he did the new years countdown due to the parking spot, and i'm still kicking myself over that. I can only imagine how great those last 120 minutes must have been, and i bet he played blackwater. And am i crazy or did he play How Can I Be Falling? This was my first time out since Tenags-Howells, and i don't think any night will compare to it. (I apoligize for this being so long, i really only signed up to say whats up to my man gabe but i had to vent/internet cry somewhere)