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  1. CG Mastering Services - we'll make it tight! CG Mastering - Hamden, CT - Professional Services | Facebook About Us A mastering / mixdown / mix mastering service. All mastering done by Subsonik (Mark Subsonik | Facebook). Mission We at CG Mastering offer the best quality digital mastering for your money. Company Overview We perform mastering work and mixdown work for labels, individual artists, bands and the like. We offer top-notch masters for your release regardless of any format (CD & Digital) We have competitive prices, and 100% satisfaction guarantees on all work we perform. Gear: A music production specific PC running Cubase 6 with 4 gigs of ram A EMU-1820m with the breakout box (8 ins 8 outs) providing sound A TC Electronics Powercore rackmount with 8 cores DSP running 20 or so plugins that I rely solely on (I do not use ANY native plugs) for monitors, I have a pair of JBL 2328P's with double shielded, high current monster speaker cables. Final mixes will be run through an analog mixer last to give the tracks warmth before bouncing your final product out for you. Our Clients: -- The Short List -- Play Me Records // Subsonik Sound Recordings // Trust In Music // Dj SS and Formation Records // Two-Seven Records // Variant Audio // Josh Chambers // VA Studio mixes // The Subsonik Sound Podcast // all of Subsonik's productions and remixes etc.. Description Here's how it works: Send us a file in .wav format at 24 bit depth, and we will master it to today's standards and practices, unless of course you insert notes with your files to make specific tweaks, which we are very happy to do for you. When complete we send over a mastered wav, and a high quality converted 320 mp3. Here are samples of our work: CG Mastering's sets on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Email us to get started: [email protected]
  2. 7/10 - DOSVEC - Mashup Dance Event feat Krunkpony at Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY July 10, 2012 (Tuesday) 9pm - 4am $10 all night All Ages (Bar is opened for 21+) Knitting Factory Event Page: Knitting Factory - DOSVEC – Tickets – Knitting Factory Brooklyn – Brooklyn, NY – July 10th, 2012 – Brooklyn Buy tickets at: Tickets for DOSVEC at Knitting Factory Brooklyn | Ticketfly //BIO DOSVEC DOSVEC - YouTube DjWhatt's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free "If you aren't dancing, I'm not doing my job" - DOSVEC DOSVEC has been taking the mash up world by storm with a music catalog that boasts hundreds of unique mash ups that are straight hits. DOSVEC is DIFF DOSVEC separates himself from other producers in his category by his track selection and orchestrating all his mash ups in key. Mash ups are more than just putting two or more tracks together, they should sound as if two or more artists came together to create a masterpiece; this is where DOSVEC comes in. Top 40/Rock/Hip Hop/Electro/Dubstep? Yup DOSVEC Got That Traveling across many different genres makes DOSVEC a cross genre artist and looking out to the crowd that rages to his sound you will find this out real quick. His projects, to mention a few, includes two full length hip hop/rock/top 40 mash up albums, EDM mash up albums, and even a full Dubstep album that included an 80min intensive visual experience of the mashed up music's music videos. DOSVEC is Simply Internet Gold! DOSVEC's Youtube views are reaching the 2 million mark and his blog support is simply amazing. See it for yourself, a simple Google search will show you that the world truly loves the DOSVEC sound. DOSVEC is also no stranger to major press. DOSVEC has been reviewed by the NY Post, MTV, and countless other popular music / pop culture websites. *********** KRUNKPONY Bringing you funky, positive beats KrunkPony's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free The club was jam packed. Everybody was dancing. Dj Krunk Pony unleashes an all-vinyl set that is sexy, smart, and fun. She flawlessly beat-matches mash-ups with traces of dance, bass, rip-hop, soul, krunk-funk, nujazz, and breakbeat. She knows, "The crowd is out to have a great night and dance, and I deliver. I always get at least one I love this song without playing top-40". She's played her sets to cater the vibe of both clubs and restaurants including; Les Duex Gamins, Cush 87, The Bowery Poetry Club, and the members-only Norwood.
  3. APRIL 7 | FREAKY FLOW & Kryteria @ PROPAGANDA, S. FL LOCATED AT PROPAGANDA 6 South J Street L-Dub Lake Worth, FL Reboot DnB Presents: .....____________________ , ,__ ....../ `---___________----_____] - - - - - - - - ░ ▒▓▓█ ☢FREAKYFLOW☢ ...../_==o;;;;;;;;_______.:/ .....), ---.(_(__) / ....// (..) ), ----" ...//___// ..//___// .//___// ☢FREAKYFLOW☢ Los Angeles, CA, USA www.gsusfam.com / www.freakyflow.com Freaky Flow, originally from Philadelphia, PA, moved with his family to Toronto, ON, before reaching four years of age. He first took a serious interest in music at the age of eleven, mesmerized by soul jazz, garage house, and hiphop. Four years later, he purchased his first set of turntables and started spinning hiphop with his skilled partner, D Wreck. Through this genre, Freaky learned the basics – scratching, cutting, and mixing – in just that prioritized order. Jungle, drumandbass, and the underground music culture soon captured his attention; Flow, in turn, transferred his knowledge of hiphop into this new, captivating music. He found that scratching and cutting had unique properties in accompaniment with jungle. Party-going patrons worldwide quickly caught on to this sound. Consequently, Freaky Flow today plays on a regular basis at major events throughout Canada, the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, England, and Slovenia, making him the most booked drumandbass DJ in Canada. Notably, for years, all of Flow’s sets featured lyrical-mastermind, MC Flipside, on the microphone, but with Flipside’s mid-2004 decision to quit touring with Flow and focus on his own stage show and studio work, Flow now finds himself rocking crowds again all on his own, just like back in the day.The transition from DJ to producer was only logical; Freaky wanted to be throwing down his own dubplates. With several partners, Freaky Flow oversaw the operation of Placebo Recordings (distributed by Stickman Records) between 1996 and 1999. The label led Flow to work with many acclaimed artists, including The Soul Grabber (Aquarius/Stickman), The Rascalz (ViK/BMG), and others. With his extremely busy schedule, however, Flow soon found it impossible to go to school full time, manage the Special Projects department at Stickman Records, DJ across the world, and direct and produce for a record label. Thus, to the dismay of many, Placebo Recordings’ release schedule and Freaky Flow’s studio production both came to an abrupt halt at the end of ‘99. After completing his degree, however, Flow’s return to the studio garnered immediate attention: His remix resume alone includes work for 311 (Volcano/Zomba/BMG), Choclair (Virgin/EMI), Pressure Rise (Aspect), Type One (GFS/Sound Gizmo), and others. ::★with SUPPORT from★:: ☢KRYTERIA☢ (C4C/Redlight/Viper/Ammunition/Abducted/APE/Konkrete Jungle) Kryteria DnB Kryteria DNB | Facebook ☢SOUR DIESEL☢ (M.I.A / Konkrete Jungle / APE / Dub Recon) Sour Diesel II | Facebook ☢BEAT THIEF INC☢ (A.P.E. / Konkrete Jungle / Gravity / Dub Recon) Beat Thief inc. | Facebook ☢LOGIK☢ (A.P.E. / United DnB) 【ツ】 【ツ】 $12 at the door / No Exceptions / FREE PIZZA FROM 9-10 for REBOOT MEMBERS & FREE SHOT for FIRST 20 members through the door before 10pm / REBOOT cardholders $10 18+ MUST HAVE VALID ID Full Details: Audio Playground Presents: D&B, Dubstep at Propaganda on Sat Apr 07 ****************************************************** ★LIVE Art★ ****************************************************** ★Vendors★ ****************************************************** ★Giveaways★ ****************************************************** ★Hand Blown Glass★ ****************************************************** ★Drink Specials All Night★ ****************************************************** ★Live face and Body Painting★ ****************************************************** LIVE ART BY: Eduardo Mendieta Eduardo Mendieta | Facebook MORE TBA *************************************************** FREE GLASS GIVEAWAY from: LOCAL SMOKING DOMAIN Local Smoking Domain, LSD Gallery, Tobacco, Smoke Shop, Hookah, Headshop, West Palm Beach, Florida *************************************************** Hosted by: Eve iLL Doings Eve Ill Doings | Facebook Audioplayground Girls: http://www.audioplaygroundent.com/allegra-ane.php http://www.audioplaygroundent.com/guisella-barron.php http://www.audioplaygroundent.com/lylo.php http://www.audioplaygroundent.com/vanessa.php Electrick Pixies Electrick Pixies | Facebook Isobel Devi Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More Melissa Cain http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1297417391 *************************************************** Brought to you by AudioPlayground Ent, KRYTERIA, and Cyber Groove AM audioplayground entertainment Kryteria DnB Cyber Groove Artist Management BIG SHOUTS to UNITED DnB, DUB RECON & KONKRETE JUNGLE for the SUPPORT SUPPORT FROM: proper dosage Kavasutra Kava Bar ATROX NOCTIS: The MMORPG Of Dark Horror SPONSORED BY: Local Smoking Domain, LSD Gallery, Tobacco, Smoke Shop, Hookah, Headshop, West Palm Beach, Florida ATROX NOCTIS: The MMORPG Of Dark Horror LOCATED AT PROPAGANDA 6 South J Street L-Dub Lake Worth, FL
  4. Flyer Printing & Design | CG Printing & Design Hello all. Not sure if many of you were aware but at Cyber Groove we have a number of different services that cater to the music world. We are not only an artist management company, we also provide printing and design services. Also because we have been around since 2000 we have our hands in a lot more things then we openly advertise so feel free to hit us up to see what we might be able to do for you. Because our hands are in so many things we hope to be a source of your design and printing, and talent booking needs. We also made sure to keep the prices as low as possible to keep your budgets down, we have done events in the past so I know how it is to pay a lot for printing and design, it is the last expense you want to deal with at times. Halloween, Thanksgiving (US), Christmas, and NYE are among us so let us save you money on design and the printing of your flyers. If you book one of our artists (CyberGrooveAM.com) we will further reduce our printing prices for you. Our competitors call these specials, we call them our prices! BUSINESS CARDS - UV COATED DOUBLE SIDED 12PT COVER STOCK (SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED) 1,000 = $55 5,000 = $70 3X4 OR 1/8 PAGE PALMCARDS - UV COATED DOUBLE SIDED 12PT COVER STOCK (SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED) 1,000 = $70 5,000 = $90 4X6 OR 3X8 FLYER / POSTCARDS - UV COATED DOUBLE SIDED 12PT COVER STOCK (SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED) 1,000 = $100 5,000 = $125 3.5X8.5 1/3 PAGES OR 4X9 RACKCARDS - UV COATED DOUBLE SIDED 12PT COVER STOCK (SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED) 1,000 = $125 5,000 = $180 *14 pt card stock available on above products Download the full product list and price list at: http://www.CyberGroovePrinting.com/print.pdf We also do print/website design (starting at $75) including social networking pages. Thank you for your time. Cheers! Scott @ Cyber Groove [email protected] CyberGroove2k < AIM FaceBook.com/cybergroove
  5. DOSVEC | SWEN Agency - Listen!

    DOSVEC | SWEN Agency - Listen! Who is DOSVEC? DOSVEC is the moniker for DJ Whatt. The vision for DOSVEC is to bring a different sound when it comes to remixes & mash-ups. DOSVEC wants to be known for a wide range of production and when you hear the tunes you will agree DOSVEC has that rarity of music that can be listened to and not just danced to. Why should you listen? So you do not miss out on what over 300,000 people have been listening to without any type of promotion...this forum post is the only type of promotion that DOSVEC has been given. So we are going to try out this promotional thing out to see what you all feel about DOSVEC, and we come with treats. Go to: http://www.YouTube.com/DOSVEC Tons of production on there for your ear And of course we have a free album for you, it is DOSVEC's 1st album entitled "No Fillers" which is packed with 50 original works of production Grab that at: http://www.DOSVEC.com A second album is already completed waiting to be released so stay tuned!! Promoters/Venue Owners/Press DOSVEC wants to come to your town and people all around are asking for him so give the people what they want. All the djs in the mash up world are playing his tracks so why not bring in the man himself. Please contact: Swen Agency http://www.SwenAgency.com [email protected] SwenAgency > AIM For all booking and press inquiries Thank you for your time all, and your welcome. Cheers! Scott @ SWEN
  6. CG Podcast: May Sessions - Free Downloads, Great Music First up from this month was a CG Takeover mix by DJ Ninjette from Vancouver. She wreaked it with a electro house, thats right, an electro house mix (we don't only do drum and bass here at CG Radio/Podcast!!) so get that below DL link http://www.cybergrooveprod.com/audio/CGR_GV015.mp3 more info: http://cybergrooveprod.blogspot.com/2010/06/cgrgv15-is-up-cg-radio-takeover-feat.html Then the second mix of that month was a live show featuring our show's ressy Element01 and a CT local DJ by the name of DJ Abyde!! They both put down a sick set of drum and bass so grab that up below. http://www.cybergrooveprod.com/audio/CGR_GV016.mp3 So make sure to DL those mixes for your listening pleasure and be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you can get all the shows/podcasts before these and for more in the future!! more info: http://cybergrooveprod.blogspot.com/2010_05_01_archive.html Keep it close to www.CyberGrooveRadio.com for show news, to tune in every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 9pm EST and to subscribe to the podcast!! Pass these around because it is rude to hold back free music from others Cheers! Scott @ Cyber Groove http://www.CyberGrooveProd.com
  7. CG Radio/Podcast * DnB/Dub/Breaks/Electro Radio - Tune in! CG Radio/Podcast occurs every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month on GlobalVortexRadio.com! To Tune in, Watch, subscribe to the podcast and socialize click the link below: http://www.cybergrooveradio.com We are continuously looking for guests and exclusive mixes to play so reach out (your location does not matter) About CG Radio CG Radio has been around for a long while hopping from one internet radio station to the next seeking the radio station that would entertain their format and their style of a radio show. The show's format is the standard dj/host format however when possible we will feature djs from our entire roster working on a rotating schedule so the listener does not know whom they are going to be listening to every other week. Djs on our artist roster includes: Cast the Sky, Dead P.A., Futurebound, Mark S, Mundo, Muffler, Q-Bik, Quadrant, Rupture, Seraph and [email protected] (roster subject to change). With this amount of talent on a rotating schedule all having their unique sound will ensure for an enjoyable listening experience for the listener. The use of our roster, as well as guests will allow for freedom and movement to get the best show out to the people. Since the members of our roster are spread out throughout the US and Canada and also over to Europe, this allows for high ranking special guests as well as a great opportunity for global domination made possible by Global Vortex Radio! Get ready for the craziness that is CG Radio, we were given the go ahead to act out as we like and to play what we want. We will give the public mostly a show packed with Drum and Bass, Dub Step and Breaks but do not be surprised when you hear other genres that have nothing to do with the show but that just happens to work. Simply put CG Radio is just an action packed show full of fun and good tune-age. Watch us on UStream.tv during the show http://www.ustream.tv/user/cybergroove Subscribe to the podcast http://feeds.feedburner.com/cybergrooveprod We are also on Itunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cg-podcast/id341798981 Feel free to get in touch with us. CyberGrooveProd.com CyberGrooveAM.com [email protected] CyberGroove2k < Aim/Skype
  8. CG Podcast | CG Radio | Join * Listen Hello forumers. This is Scott @ Cyber Groove letting you know the latest out of the Cyber Groove Camp. Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management has turned 9 years old and we are getting more active out there. We got our roster (http://www.cybergrooveam.com) in full form and it is constantly growing capturing innovative artists in the breakbeat scene. You can request tp book our artists on the web (even on most cell phones) and you will get a response no later than 24hrs. We are also going to be opening our artist management role to talent outside of our roster for one off tours, so be on the look out for our offerings. *Hit us up if you have something coming up, we would like to hear about it Our internet radio show on GlobalVortexRadio.com (http://www.globalvortexradio.com/cybergrooveshow.asp) happens every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Check the show website (above) for all the details on the show. *Hit us up if you would like to be a guest on our show..we review all applications, location does not matter. We also joined the podcast world by using our show and our reach in the scene to give you the archives from our radio show, spread the latest news from us and allow you to learn things about your favorite artists that most internet mediums wouldn't touch on. So subscribe to the podcast and get ready to be entertained! Itunes: Search Cyber Groove or CG Podcast or click the link below http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=341798981 Direct Link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/cybergrooveprod Finally our printing service is in full effect and we're getting busier. We dropped our prices even further to take care of you (the promoter/artist/small business owner). We also provide full design services (print/web). Check our price list out and if our prices are still to high, let us know, we'll see what we can do.. http://www.cybergrooveprod.com/files/CGPDretailprice.pdf Keep it locked!!! CG yourself out by befriending us: http://www.facebook.com/cybergroove http://www.twitter.com/cybergroove http://www.myspace.com/cybergrooveprod http://www.myspace.com/cybergrooveproductions Also don't forget to check out our homes: http://www.cybergrooveprod.com http://www.cybergrooveam.com Website owners...hit us up about our link exchange program Thank you for your time. Scott @ Cyber Groove
  9. Cyber Groove Artist Management - website up!! Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management based out of NY/CT went ahead to make it easier to book our djs and live acts via a new domain http://www.cybergrooveam.com Specializing in drum and bass/dub step and breaks Cyber Groove entered the EDM scene back in 2000 as a promo company in NYC then branched out into what we are today.. To learn more about us check the exclusive Dog on Acid interview: http://www.dogsonacid.com/showthread.php?threadid=634204&mode=article Go ahead and give us a shot if you haven't worked with us before...give us a shout or fill out a request form on our website 24/7 North American/International Roster Drum and Bass/Breaks/DubStep Cast the Sky | Dead P.A. | Dirtyphonics | Double A | Ed Oberon | KJ Sawka | Mad Mike | Mark S | Muffler | Mundo | Omen | Paul C | Prolific | Quadrant | Rupture | Seraph | [email protected] MCs Aero | Dre | XYZ | Youthstar Ez. Scott McCusker http://www.cybergrooveprod.com http://www.cybergrooveam.com http://www.twitter.com/cybergroove http://www.facebook.com/cybergroove http://www.myspace.com/cybergrooveprod http://www.myspace.com/cybergrooveproductions
  10. Cyber Groove AM is now booking for Muffler & Dj [email protected] It has been a busy number of months for Cyber Groove AM adding some heavy talents to its artist roster such as Dirtyphonics and MC Youthstar. Since these additions we have gained enough attention to be able to take on such an artist such as Dj Muffler and Canada's own and one of the hardest working up and coming djs...Dj [email protected] Bookings of these artists as well as all of our talents go to: http://www.cybergrooveprod.com/roster.html or contact: Scott McCusker +1 845-304-8800 [email protected] CyberGroove2k < AIM/Skype ********************************* Dj Muffler (SighCo / Hospital / Moving Shadow / DSCI4 /Cyber Groove + more) with a host of releases on uk labels, muffler a.k.a konsta has certainly made an impact. he is one of the few producers who have had releases on almost all top drum 'n bass labels including moving shadow, hospital, dsci4, commercial suicide, formation, frequency, urban takeover and his own sighco recordings early releases back in 1999-2000 on urban takeover were accepted worldwide by both clubbers and dj's and his cd album on urban takeover "soundz of the future" has got a warm welcome too. also his mix cd, which consists only of his own tracks for knowledge magazine (april 2004 issue) got him some well deserved attention. to date muffler has released over 50 vinyl singles, two cd albums and featured on various compilations. it's often been said that he is one of the most profilic producers in the drum 'n bass scene. together with paul rae his running a record label called sighco recordings. label was launched in 2004 with muffler's "showdown / futureshock", which many consider a classic by now. latest release "super mc (feat mc tc izlam)" is a huge anthem still getting caned by the likes of pendulum and dieselboy. muffler's tracks get constant support from other premier league djs such as andy c, pendulum, mampi swift, grooverider, fabio, dj ss, zinc, fresh, ed rush & optical, mickey finn, mary anne hobbs, john peel, high contrast to name but a few as a dj, besides known for his fast doubledrop mixing skills, muffler always plays dubplate heavy selection with latest cuts from himself and other producers he plays regularly around the world, both club and festival gigs, in countries like: uk, denmark, estonia, latvia, germany, spain, russia, austria, switzerland, norway, poland, croatia, france, finland, ukraine, sweden, czech republic, slovakia, belgium to name a few //press & audio http://www.cybergrooveprod.com/profiles/dnb/muffler/muffler.html //other sites http://www.myspace.com/mufflermusic http://www.myspace.com/mufflerdub ****************************************** Dj [email protected] (DjSwat.com, SheJay.net, Hi-Rev, Cyber Groove) dj [email protected] dove, headfirst, into djing in early 2005... since then she has held down a club residence at (as well as helping to promote) the successful and long-running "extra strength saturdays" in winnipeg mb, and has toured extensively across canada. [email protected] webcasts weekly (live) shows on krisisdnb.com & protokolradio.com, and is featured on pushradio.com (pre-recorded) monthly (last thursday of each month) as well as regular guest spots on winnipeg's own "rinseout radio" on bassdrive.com. currently promoting her promotional company "hi-rev productions", she intends on showcasing the depth of musical talent in winnipeg's ever-growing club-scene, as well as featuring global acts. miss [email protected] has certainly become one of the hardest-working djs in the canadian d'n'b scene. always pushing her name and sounds, dj [email protected] is well intent on global domination - and won't stop until she achieves her objective. in october of 2008, [email protected] began working with nex mc and is on to a whole new level of musical mayhem - which she plans to bring on the road in 2009. watch out for this lady and her heavy bassline in a city near you! //mixes/interviews djvibe.com foulplayrecords.com liquiddnb.com phatbeats.net bassdrive.com 101.5umfm (also online) //other sites http://www.cybergrooveprod.com/profiles/dnb/swat/swat.html http://www.myspace.com/djswat Thank you for your time.
  11. Cyber Groove 8 Year Mix Series - Feb/March - Dead P.A. Visit the link below and go to Cyber Groove's 8th year celebration page! You will find the downloadable mix next to the artist's picture http://www.cybergrooveprod.com/8years.html Released: Dead P.A. (Feb '09) The Omen (Dec '08) KJ Sawka (Oct '08) Next Release (April '09) Enjoy, and thank you for keeping us alive!!
  12. DirtyPhonics - Newest Addition to Cyber Groove AM Accepting bookings now!! http://www.cybergrooveprod.com/profiles/dnb/dirtyphonics/dirtyphonics.html Packages include: DIRTYPHONICS LIVE (PLAYTE/CAPSKOD/PHÔ/PITCH IN/YOUTHSTAR (LIVE MC)) DJ PITCH-IN & DJ PLAYTE 4 Decks Set DJ PITCH-IN DJ Set DJ PLAYTE DJ Set *YouthStar is also available for bookings as a solo act for North America (USA/Canada) / South America Note: Europe/Asia/Australia bookings can be routed through myself and I will make sure it gets to the proper parties Contact: Scott McCusker Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management www.CyberGrooveProd.com [email protected] CyberGroove2k < AIM ##################### DirtyPhonics [AudioPorn/Cyber Groove] //Bio Dirtyphonics have been smashing up the biggest parties in Europe with their heavy tunes and amazing live act since 2006. Pho, Playte, Capskod, and Pitch-In are Paris’ own Dirtyphonics. Dirtyphonics’ highly anticipated “French Fuck†and “Bonus Level†were unleashed on Shimon’s AudioPorn Records and immediately became number one in the Drum and Bass Arena charts, causing absolute mayhem on dancefloors around the globe. Another huge Dirtyphonics’ track, “Get Dirtyâ€â€™, appeared on “Roots & Future†Dope Ammo Camp’s album, earlier in 2008. “Dirtyphonics†“Get Dirty†– “highlight of the album, dirty music!!!†- Mix Mag September 2008. Other bangers from Dirtyphonics are about to be released : “The Secret†featuring Tali and “Quarks†on “The Quarks E.P†with Ram Trilogy and Shimon, then a remix of Shimon's track, “The Shadow Knows†. “Their production is a force to be reckoned with!†- Shimon Dirtyphonics have developed a highly acclaimed and original live act, whilst continuing to resist the cliché concept of a typical DnB live show. Hosted by MC Youthstar, their energetic act incorporates turntables, MPC’s, filters, effects and even a GameBoy! No computers are to be seen! In addition to the live act, Dirtyphonics showcase their tunes with regular, explosive DJ sets, using 4 turntables with Playte and Pitch-In. Check the live act out for yourself. “Dirtyphonics! Big things!†– Andy C With their first release “Reggaetronik remix†in 2006 voted “Unsigned Track of the Month†by Knowledge Magazine, and now forthcoming releases on AudioPorn, the boys are quickly moving from strength to strength, performing alongside, and receiving major plays from DnB heavy-weights such as Andy C, Shimon, Pete Tong, Marky, Ed Rush & Optical, Crissy Criss, Simon Bassline Smith, Matrix, JJ Frost, High Contrast, Subfocus, Chase & Status and the list goes on! “I think we've discovered some future stars.†– Knowledge Magazine November 2006 The Dirtyphonics sound will be hard to miss, with plenty of dirty dubplates smashing things up on the decks of a party near you. Hear Dirtyphonics on BBC Radio 1, Origin FM, Radio Frequency and in France – Radio Nova and France Culture. //Video - Teasers http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7v3ww_dirtyphonics-live-jungle-juice-hd_music http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x81d1p_dirtyphonics-the-quarks-ep-teaser_music Thank you for your support!! CG
  13. Quadrant - Force - Link - Paul C + more! March 16 @ BUMP!

  14. Cyber Groove AM ::WMC update:: Hello all. Through out the weeks you have probably seen alot of things about the Winter Music Conference down in Miami, FLA this month. Alot of events, alot of panels and forthcoming happenings. However there is no information sent out for artists to look out for while you are out there basking in the sun. Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management are proud to spread the word that a number of our artists are going to be attending and playing at the conference. Baggs (BreakBeat Science/Cyber Groove, NYC) Burner Brothers (Direct Drive/Cyber Groove, NYC) Force (Ohm Resistance/Big H Recordings/Direct Drive/Cyber Groove, NYC) Jayvon (Cyber Groove associate) Link (Cardboard City/Cyber Groove, NYC) Quadrant (Renegade Hardware/Cyber Groove, Philly) Shahram (DrumandBassTV.com/Cyber Groove, KS) MC XYZ (Outlook Skateboards/PM Dark/DemoStreams.com/Cyber Groove, CA) Confirmed performances thus far include: Burner Brothers: Mar 24th: The Americas Unified @ Deco Force: Mar 25th: Unite As One @ The Penthouse Mar 27th: A Sick Day In Tha Sun @ Liquor Lounge Mar 27th: Gathering of the Tribes @ Club Rain Mar 28th: Ear to the Streets @ The Penthouse Jayvon: Mar 24th: Winter Sessions @ The Laundry Bar Mar 24th: The Americas Unified @ Deco Mar 27th: World Of Drum n Bass @ Metropolis Downtown Quadrant: Mar 24th: The Americas Unified @ Deco Mar 25th: Juxtapose @ Lounge 16 Mar 28th: Ear to the Streets @ The Penthouse Shahram: Mar 24th: Winter Sessions @ The Laundry Bar MC XYZ: Mar 24th: Winter Sessions @ The Laundry Bar Mar 24th: The Americas Unified @ Deco Mar 27th: World Of Drum n Bass @ Metropolis Downtown Mar 27th: Gathering of the Tribes @ Club Rain Mar 25th: Juxtapose @ Lounge 16 More dates are being confirmed at the moment so keep your eyes peeled down in Miami for these names and also the Cyber Groove name. All artist info including audio are on our roster page make sure to take a look: http://www.CyberGrooveProd.com/roster.html See you on the beach!
  15. Quadrant - Force - Link - Paul C + more! March 18 @ BUMP! http://www.CyberGrooveProd.com/bump31806.html Click on site above to see pictures and bios of artists!! BUMP! Cyber Groove edition Quadrant 1 - 3am *2 Hour Set (Renegade Hardware/Cyber Groove, UK/Philly) Force 12am (Ohm Resistance/Big H/Direct Drive/Cyber Groove, NYC) Link 11pm (Cardboard City/Recess/Cyber Groove, NYC) Paul C 3am (BreakBeat Science/Cyber Groove, NYC/IRE) Rayza 10pm (Cyber Groove/DnBTV.com, NJ) Cast The Sky *Live PA - 9pm (Cyber Groove, NYC) w/ special guest MCs!! also featuring Cyber Groove's CT Friends!: Congo Nasty Sound Tribe -- Torr3nt1al and St. Dirty (BMC Empires/Congo Nasty/Threshold/MashUp Inc., CT) Miz-Eyesis (Threshold/BMC, CT) Daddy Green Jeans (Atari Safari, Abstract Traxx, Headspin) Metrenome (Noty, CT) Dj Ann K (Muck Crew, CT) Breaksteel (Breaksteel Productions/Partykid Productions, CT) Protoype (Djprototype.net/Elements of Style, Noty Productions, CT) Eddie Focus (Turnagainheights, Digital Finesse, CT) Nick Noty (Noty Productions, CT) Deph (Noty Productions, CT) Humphrey's East 175 Humphrey St New Haven, CT 9pm - 4am 10 bucks 16+ to enter 21+ to drink OH MY GOSH!! Going to be a great St. Patty's day!