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  1. Green Room

    The Kettle Does A Body Good. HAHA. nice seeing you again, hope to see you soon
  2. i wish i knew, cause i would be there
  3. Green Room

    The Green Room Is Def Not Closed. I Was There Last Night Djing. And They Still Had A Good Turnout To Despite All The Talk That Has Been Going On
  4. Thursday @ Poor Billy's

    Hope everybody had a good time that came out. thank you for your support. hope to see ya guys soon
  5. Thursday @ Poor Billy's

    I dont have any new ones right now, but i know angel manuel will probably have some. I'm gonna make a new one soon, so keep on the look out. See ya there tonight
  6. Thursday @ Poor Billy's

    haha, its all good. should be a good night. see ya there
  7. Thursday @ Poor Billy's

  8. Unity Jam REVIEW!!!

    I Had A Great Time. It Was Nice Meeting All The Other Djs And People. To Bad I Dont Remember Alot, I Guess Thats What Happens When You Drink Alot.
  9. gonna be a crazy time, hope to everyone out for this one
  10. Ill Be There, And Im Gonna Take Over The Dance Floor Tonight.
  11. D'Jais Song Id

    what a smart girl
  12. D'Jais Song Id

    yeah i hear ya, people always got to jump up and say something before they even know whats being said but anyway, that track was amazing. when ojeda dropped it i flipped. def has that good feel to it
  13. D'Jais Song Id

    your name matt?
  14. D'Jais Song Id

    you did a great job on that. it def had that funky house feeling to it. if you want, you can always send it my way
  15. D'Jais Song Id

    do me a favor johnholmes, back the fuck up. don't write back to anything i post to or write to. you have no clue about music, especially if you heard this track. all you do is fuk with everybody behind your gay ass screen name. if wanna say something, you can say it to my face. you got a problem with my posts, then you can bring it. enjoy that you fukin punk