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  1. I live on the cali now and I went down to LA for a nye rave last year but are there any big raves here in the bay area? while i had fun last year in LA, i don't want to drive that far down again... =P
  2. EDM clubs in SF

    they all seem nice, do u know what kinda dress code they have? Ruby Skye looks good and seems relaxed as their videos show people wearing caps and stuff....
  3. asian invasian at roxy

    Haha! Werd!
  4. asian invasian at roxy

    Woohoo!! nothing like reading the cp forums for entertainment while bored at work... HAHAHA... ALMOST beats craigslist.... almost... hahaha
  5. What is the dress code for mission? place looks real nice... was thinking about hitting up Mission, then Ruby Falls and.... dunno.. haha
  6. oooh... screw my lady friends then... we gonna hit up Ruby Falls... hahaha
  7. Ooh ok... come to think of it, I love Deep, is it still open? will it be open tonight?
  8. I'm back in NYC w/ a co-worker and her friends and was wondering what's a happening place on a Thursday night. So far, we have Cain, Level V, and Le Soulk... I know the superclubs, Avalon, Exit, Crobar, Spirit, Glass, etc. aren't open on Thursdays... can someone recommend a nice place for tonight? Thanks! O yeh, doesn't matter what type of music, Hip hop, rap, or any of the electronica variant, as long as it's a nice place to hang... and has a mixed crowd, the ladies don't want it all thugs, or all asians, or all guidos, etc... they wanna check out the diversity of the city nightlife
  9. damn... i haven't been on this forum in a while... and u all be talking about trannies?... >=oP
  10. hahaha... werd... gotta forgive him though... i mean, look at this username... live2party... guy thinks partying all the time is called "having a life"...
  11. I think the entire night was streamed live on DI.FM so I know someone out there ripped it. I forgot to rip it myself. Anyone have it? I will provide access to my ftp for you to upload it. Dumonde rox!!
  12. **Add a 7-word phrase...**

    ...were candy ravers that were never sober...
  13. I just received a letter from Exit/Black/IKON or whateva they fancy to call themselves now... I think this is all bs as Exit's promotions have always been too good to be true... open bar once and when i tried to get a drink... the bartender said it was a "TYPO"... wtf is that?? then another time, they said it'll be pitch black for a bit and will drop 5000 glowstix from the ceiling... that night all they did was toss no more than 50 glowtix total into the crowd... anyways, check the letter out and let me know if anyone else received it and your 2 cents on it.... here's what the letter states in its exact format including the bolding: July 7, 2004 Dear Valued Guests: Edgy. Urban. Elegant. Black, a premier mega-club boasting 3 floors and 6 rooms with variant themes and styles each with its own DJs (including Eddie Baez and various other celebrity DJs) spinning the best of house and hip hop. This venue excites speculation and sophistication for the ultimate night out. Black is the largest and most sought after nightclub in NYC....and in appreciation of you, this Saturday, July 10th...we are inviting you and 9 friends to be our special guests! Not only will you and your friends receive complimentary admission before 2am, we will also include a bottle of our house champagne! Why? Because we love you! Hope you can join us...don't pass this up! See you soon, Management (no signature from anyone, suspicious isn't it?) P.S. Don't forget to bring this letter with you. Dorrs open at 11pm Proper ID required 212.582.8282 www.exit2nightclub.com
  14. What're u listening to....

    What DJ Irene boxset?? there's a boxset??? where?? I love her!!
  15. CARL COX Cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I got my tix already... $32 at Satellite... 12hr set... i wonder if i can last that long... hahaha