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  1. ID "My milkshake is better....."

    it actually didn't take much thought at all... i saw the video (the beyonce inspired fashion and dance is evident) and anyone who knows hip hop knows the jay-z/nas feud is still alive - as evident on recent green lantern mixtapes and other underground cyphers the two have been involved in. not to mention that the current climate in hip hop is that having a beef with someone sells your records - dr. dre vs. easy e, tupac vs. biggie, eminen vs. benzino, 50 vs jah rule... these are the things legends are made of in the hip hop world. jayz and nas are just taking it to another level by pimping their girls into the drama.
  2. toronto lounges...

    i would love it if someone could suggest a good lounge in toronto to hang out at... we've looked all over and haven't found anywhere that suits our tastes. our requirements - above 25 crowd, r&b, hip hop, reggae, soca, mixed crowd - not too many white people please! and a friendly, not snobbish atmosphere. i love jordan's and zola in DC and would love it if something like that could be found in the t dot....
  3. ID "My milkshake is better....."

    "milkshake" is a direct attack at beyonce... kelis is engaged to nas.... beyonce is involved with jay-z... so they've gotten their women to enter into their pathetic battle. hip hop dies one more small death...