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  1. Will jersey ever have a real club??

    if i come over to ur club u'll have something shooved up ur ass, but it woun't be my dick u fucking flammer..
  2. Will jersey ever have a real club??

    Go to vegas night clubs, RA, STUDIO 54, RAIN go to Europe clubs, Cleopatra, Blue EAgle, Napolean etc,, HELL show a club that's better than Shitty ass EXIT or webster hall in NJ, name a club that isn't a sweat box???? JUST ONE... they are all sweat boxes... actually, sayerville sucks in general... Belmar, Wildwood, seaside, are the only places with decent clubs.. WORST CLUB OF NJ = ABYSS!!!! OMG I can't believe some of you still go there, my basement is bigger than that club...ughhh and the music oh man...
  3. yeah I'm sorry that's my mistake I mean this Friday... 12/19/03 hit the 2 instead of the 1 thank u
  4. OK, now i live here (not happy about it) but i was wondering, considering jersey is one of the most populated states why can't we have a decent club??? I mean shit... 90% of the club in NJ are either too small for comfort or are for tennagers/ under 21 clubs the remaining 10% pass off as OK but they are mainly by the beaches, in-land you can't find shit worth attending... why can't we get some HUGE clubs in jersey??? Some with decent Dj's , Huge rooms 20,000+ sq feet in size, and oh yeah EYE-CANDY?? Why do we need to go NYC to enjoy a "REAL" club, I mean shit with all the damn money we pay to live in this hell hole, one would think we'd have a good night life...WHERE IS IT??? Don't mind me I'm jsut venting, I'm sick all these sweat boxes... Only decent clubs I'm gone to, have all been down at the beach..or the city..
  5. This friday at platinum, it the official end of semester BLOWOUT at platinum. No more school for the Rutgers student so why not celebrate?? This information has been brought to you by Franky-B If u don't know just ask somebody... ONEEEE
  6. What happened to all the juiceheads?

    is beer a juice?? ummm if so i'm a juice head.. Nah, on the real I lift No juice needed..., the main reason?? shit is expensive!! u know how much beer i can buy with the money u guys spend on it?
  7. Foam parties,water play etc...???

    which vegas clubs have foam parties and other playfull events alike??
  8. Best Club......vote!!

    Vote for the best club...
  9. Best clubs for Sundays and Mondays.HELP ME OUT

    for various reasons... #1) i hate waiting in lines so hoping at peak hours would piss me the fuck off.. #2) Money, I rather go to the best club that night and stay there, spending the extra 40$ on drinks instead of entry fees.. #3) in additiong to clubs there's strip clus , I plan on hitting these up as well, and lets not forget GAMBLING gatta do that for a few hours a day as well ya knoe? #4)time... there's about 4-5 hours of peek dancing time,not nearly enough time to hit up more than 2 clubs max without feeling it or making it worhte ht entry fee #5)sex, i plan on being in my room by 5am everynight having sex with the lady..then sleeping till 4pm those are the top 5 reasons...
  10. Best clubs for Sundays and Mondays.HELP ME OUT

    thanks man I appriciate all the adivce. Now my only remaining quest is to find drugs when i get there haha.. somehow i don't think bringing Weed etc from nyc is a smart move on an airline lol I'll ask the bouncer..
  11. Best clubs for Sundays and Mondays.HELP ME OUT

    If i wanted to do RAIN on SAturday night, would ICE be any good on Sundays???
  12. Best clubs for Sundays and Mondays.HELP ME OUT

    good looking bro.. any other suggestions for sundays though?? the Light seems like a preppy atmosphere, goody goody too dressy like..although i 'm probably wrong./.
  13. Best clubs for Sundays and Mondays.HELP ME OUT

    and is RA good on wednesday night??
  14. sup people, I"ll be in Vegas for 5 days for my spring break along with 2 girls and another guy, this is what i have planned club wise// SAT =ICE SUN=??? babys?? MON=??? the beach??? TUES= Studio 54 WED= RA I need better clubs for SUNDAY and MONDAY night babys and the beach don't look that great (although i could be wrong considering i never went to them) ANY SUGGESTIONS??? also aside from DRAI'S what other after hour clubs are good?? HELP ME OUT